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Originally posted by Pimpbot
Another great day for the Cardinals!

As I will be watching their games next year in the stands, I sure hope they sign Emmitt as rumored and Stewart, even though I dont rate Kordell. Time for Billy Bidwell to start spending some cash.

And it's also time for Jeffrey Lurie to do the same. He's already lost Brian Mitchell and Shawn Barber - Mitchell to a division rival - and now the Chargers have beaten him to the punch and signed Boston. Lurie is like Cab Calloway's Minnie the Moocher - he had a million dollars' worth of nickels and dimes; he sat around and counted them all, a million times.

As far as Griese goes, the Broncos are supposedly going to wait until June 1st and then release him; after that, I would say Chicago is a good bet as to where he ends up.
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