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I think there may be some truth to it, but the larger issue is money.

A signing a great black (American) player costs seven- or even eight-figures. By comparison Felix Hernandez signed the Mariners as a 16-year old for $700,000. Now only is he as talented as any pitcher (black or otherwise) but he comes a lot cheaper and the team retains his rights for more years.

And also going with the money issue, Latin players grow up impoverished and their baseball reflects that. Almost all the Latin players use milk cartons as makeshift baseball gloves (coincidentally it makes them great fielders). In America the infrastructure in youth baseball requires aluminum bats, gloves, bags, spikes, etc. I know playing Little League cost me several hundreds dollars. Impoverished blacks simply don't have an outlet for baseball that corresponds to their economic level: could you imagine people letting kids play with milk cartons on ESPN during the Little League World Series? Heck, all basketball requires is a ball and a hoop.
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