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Some of Pasquarelli's points are silly but the point is valid. Comparing the NFL to college game is like having a film of 1 player, from college thru the pros. While the young version would bring a lot of commentary, it would have more to do with the surroundings, that period of time in the young player's life, etc., than the game itself.

If you look for pure football, you got to the NFL. If you look for the college scene, school rivalries, your alma mater, etc., you watch college ball. & while you find good games at times, it's from a far less talented pool.

So while comparing them isn't fair, if someone talks straight football, the NFL has no equal. It's fun to watch the learning of the game stage with highlights of true NFL bound talent but I personally like watching the best of the best, picked from the best standouts that college has to offer...
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