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Travis these are my thoughts and corrections on your post of sleeper teams...

1. Parcells never coached the Eagles. Parcells coached the Giants, Patriots, and Jets.

2. Parcells did not go to the playoffs with either the Pats nor the Jets in his first season with both teams. In the second year, Parcells did make the playoffs with both the Jets and Pats. See the trend here?

3. Dallas has the toughest schedule in the NFL this season if you base that on last season's winning percentage. If they don't have the toughest scheule, it has to be in the top 5 in the NFL. That being said, a tough schedule, plus the talent the Cowboys actually have will probably not result in an 11-5 record this season.

4. Spurrier won't be crying for Parcells, for you, or anyone next season. The Redskins should at least beat the Cowboys once if not both times they face them.

5. Travis do you know Spurrier's family? How do you know he is a mama's boy so to say? He might not even have a mother for all you know right?

6. "Ray Lewis will give a beatdown to whoever is not paying attention" was your quote. Who in NFL does not pay attention when Ray Lewis is on the field? And would it not be easy for Ray Lewis to beat someone down if they weren't paying attention? How about Ray Lewis beating somone down while they are paying attention?

7. The Steelers won the AFC North last season and went to the playoffs, so the Ravens are not home free in that division. They do have competition within that division Travis.

8. Dallas won't make the playoffs to get to the Super Bowl, and the Ravens might make a push, but I dout them being in the Super Bowl as well.

9. Travis this is how you type the word I've....not I,ve. Same goes for It's....not It,s. You should use an apostrophe instead of a comma in those cases. I have been noticing that you have been doing that in all of your posts, and just wanted to help you and suggest that you use an apostrophe instead of a comma in those instances.

Travis, you can find the apostrophe key right beside the enter key on your keyboard. That would be to the left of the enter key as well.

Good luck with that.

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