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Originally Posted by CKFresh View Post
I would say it does matter who is more culpable.

I use my analogy again. It's the difference between a kick in the nuts, or a slap in the face. Both are undesirable, but their is a clear choice as to which one hurts more.
& you're analogy does nothing in the way of demanding better from your party. Instead of getting mushy & gushy over a candidate who does the same as politicians thru-out time with their promises, the public should be hammering issues with no regard for promises but just handing over a job description. No ticker tape parades or fancy get-together, just hand over a punch list & tell him when the next grading schedule is. Earn the that's a novel approach.

As it is, the only issues ever bandied about are hot topics that can't be avoided or issues that are used like a carrot on a stick to woo the voters & damage their opponent.

This topic on the levees isn't new nor is the half-assed way it's being handled. Both parties have looked the other way & not only left the NO residents with the Sword of Damocles hanging over their head but the rest of the country with the future impending economy disaster...again.

Meanwhile you really believe the thing to be addressing is who is more to blame? Really??? & then writing off the failures of the Dems as only "a slap in the face"? Really???

Well, apathy on these issues just isn't my cup of tea, so to speak. Outrage would be a better fit...
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