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Originally Posted by NYG Babe 28 View Post
Hello Everyone! :wavey:

I am a refugee from the CBS Sportsline Clan. I haven't found any forums here that are seperated by team like we had over there, where I would go chat with other Giants fans about business. So just wanted to stick my neck out here and see what Giants fans we got around this place... or am I the only one?? No... I know that can't be the case as my dear Wuffy has come over from Sportsline with me. So is there any others out there?? Or is it just us 2 lovely ladies?? Stop in and say hello if there is! We'd love to meet you!
I think maybe they are still in hiding after the Eagles game, NYGBabe...

But never fear, the Giants are going to the playoffs... will play the Saints or the Seahawks in the wildcard round... Cross your fingers for the Seahawks...

:thumbup: Go Steelers....
"So it goes"
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