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Originally Posted by CKFresh View Post
I guess you hear what you want to hear.
Did lightning strike you when you typed this?

Steady CK...steady...

Originally Posted by CKFresh View Post
Blind party loyalty is silly.

But when modern history clearly shows one party to be significantly better for the American people than the other party, it's not loyalty, it's just common sense.
Since the collapse of the mills 3 decades ago Youngstown’s mayor has been a Democrat EVERY SINGLE YEAR until 2006 (indep but split from the Dems). Not to mention the stranglehold of Democratic reps in the House of Reps during this timeframe (EVERY SINGLE YEAR). With full representation of Dems on the local and state level (not too mention the 11 years of Democratic presidents in this timeframe…which btw…the collapse came under Carter’s watch) one would think, under CK’s assertion, the city would have recovered by now.

And with that I give you Forbes magazine rankings of America’s fastest dying cities on their website this week with Youngstown coming in at #2. They took population loss, unemployment rates and economic growth (or lack of I should say) in comprising this list.

Yeah, they’ve done a helluva job pickin’ up the pieces here.

I suspect the rest of the cities on the list have been strangled by Dems over the last 30 years as well (on the local and state level). Actually, I know they have…perhaps not to the extent of Youngstown…but some very close.

I wonder if this is a modern example of one party being significantly better for folks.

Or maybe it's an example of blindly following the lesser of two evils that allows your devil off the hook when it comes to accountability.

Or do we have to exclude these facts because ni##ers, spics and poor white trash don’t count as the “American people”…

You'll have to forgive my confusion...I get so mixed up when cross - referencing my life experience/what I've known with what makes it on teleprompters at party conventions.

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