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Hey, I was doing this sort of thing long before he started; you would know this if you ever read my NFL picks every week since I joined up here.

Examples include my use of "Club Med" to denote Giants Stadium, and the "Pigeon-Toed Orange Bowl" (after the Pigeon-Toed Orange Peel, a nightclub featured in the 1968 Clint Eastwood movie Coogan's Bluff) for Pro Players Stadium in Miami (to distinguish it from the original Orange Bowl where the Dolphins used to play).

Some of my nicknames for players include Kordell "96 Tears" Stewart (after the 1966 hit single of that title by Question Mark & the Mysterians, alluding to Stewart's breaking down and crying after the Steelers lost a 1998 game to Tampa Bay) and David "Dude, Where's My" Carr.

But one of my personal favorite "Bermanisms" was omitted from the list: (Lions kick returner) Eddie "Janitor in a" Drummond (after Janitor in a Drum, a cleaning product sold in the 1970s).

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