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Originally Posted by Ellis View Post
That class doesn't represent what logic is, though. Logic focuses on the use of symbolic language and it's argumental (and almost mathematical) properties.

Don't let one messed up class distort your idea of what logic is. In a real logic class, you learn truth tables, fallacies, symbolic notation, sybolic language, etc.

These are all things that stem from Frege, Russell, Wittgenstein, Moore, and the analytical philosophers of the early 20th century.
Yeah, I'm aware of that Rob. What I was asking awhile back was do they now have Logic courses for regular classes or in how to approach things?

Like "Logic for Football" or "Logic for History" and they teach you those subjects using Logic...the actual discipline you've described.

And here it is. They actually have Logic for TV watching. Amazing. Like I said, thank God I'll be dead sooner than later.
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