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Originally Posted by Montrovant View Post
The irony being that it seems you have been saying pretty much the same thing for a while now Anthony. The Eagles don't have a good receiver, the Eagles need a power back, etc. One might expect you to be sympathetic to McNabb's cause in this situation

Oh, really?

Does the name DeSean Jackson mean anything to you?

Obviously, it doesn't mean a whole lot to McNabb.

If I were Jackson, or Kevin Curtis (1,100+ receiving yards in 2007), or Jon Runyan, or Tra Thomas, my comments on this would be unprintable in any publication less adult-oriented than Hustler magazine.

It's also rather odd - or maybe not - that McNabb does not address the power-back issue in this pathetic rant of his; and let's not forget that even if he was right about his not having any receivers and he wanted someone to blame for that, a mirror would come in quite handy.
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