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Originally Posted by boston_aloha View Post
Great points. I agree ONE superbowl means nothing. But we are talking about a QB that has 3. Three with mediorce players. There was ONE probowler on that 2001 team that year. And it was a defensive player.
If he played for any other team I truly believe he would have a SB ring. If you can win one with guys like JR Redman, Jermain Wiggins - you can win with anybody in this league.
You're probably right. But it is tough to say. How much of it is coaching? And dare I ask, how much was cheating

Alright, we won't go there.

I would say the Brady could have won on a lot of teams. He has something, I don't know what, that pushes him above all other current QBs.

I do think it is fair to ask, how much of the success was coaching. We will never know though.

Maybe if Bellichik sticks around after Brady retires, we can see what he can do with another QB. Until then, it'll be a mystery
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