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Ok guys, I will try to give this my best shot.

Please be understanding.


You are so right and as I said, "How he left the game was wrong IMO". He screwed his team and was selfish in every way. Ricky should have given the Dolphins the money back, but I am ignorant to why he didn't have too so at the moment I believe he was legally right but that doesn't mean he is morally right for it. As a person I guess he could be viewed negatively for what he did and all those comments probably are true about his character.

About Marijuana and I will only bring this up this time or if a topic is posted in the future where I can express my views on the subject. I say this now because I want everyone to understand that I am in no way trying to push my views on anyone here, I am here for sports talk. Excuse me Tarkus, others have inquired.

Ricky suffers from Anxiety, "" and maybe mental health issues but I know for a fact he has Anxiety. I myself suffer from Anxiety and use Marijuana as a relief.
Congress determined that marijuana has no medical benefits but when did a politician become a doctor? The US Government will not even fund and has made it illegal to research Marijuana for any purpose including medical purposes. How do we know if Marijuana can help people who suffer from Anxiety? I know it helps me and millions of others but that is not a good enough reason for the government.

Medical Marijuana can treat so many health issues according to the doctors and citizens of 10 states and even many politicians agree and even help to get Medical Marijuana legalized. Congress should leave drugs to the doctors who spent years in college studying medicine and worry about making America better.

Now letís say Ricky does not have any issues and just wants to smoke. We all know the government has double standards, how can we allow cigarettes / nicotine that is very addictive along with Alcohol that kills thousands each year but not 1 case of an OD from someone smoking Marijuana? I really do not want to go over all the facts but if you have ever took the time to educate yourself; Marijuana is probably the safest of the 3.

This war on Marijuana puts moms, dads, sons and daughters in prison and ruins lives, is this war really worth all that?

My point is, if you agree that this war on Marijuana is unjust whether for recreational or for medical reasons than you see why Ricky is a casualty. He quit because he pissed hot 3 times, if Marijuana was legal or even decriminalized, Ricky would have never quit for the reason he did. His character is something else.

I could go on and on with facts but that would take up to much of this forum so I was short with most of this post but hope you understand where I am coming from.

Maybe if the government would actually research Marijuana we could find out what medical benefits it has. How can they send us to prison for taking a medicine that helps us but doesn't bother to even research the plant but I damn sure can get my doctor to give me cocaine and Heroin..... Do you see my point?

Of course humans like the high Marijuana gives us, just like beer but it also is medication for many of us.

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