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Default Houston Texans & Miami Dolphins Trade?

so I was listening to talk radio this morning (something that I rarely do) and they were babbling on how they had heard about a trade proposal with the Houston Texans and my hometown Miami Dolphins.. They went on and on and on about Drew Henson and how he could make an impact in the future should we get him and how we needed to draft a WR (which Im in complete agreeance). I was in complete shock b/c I hadnt even heard about any rumblings with this certian player, however, it did make sense for both parties..

trade proposal.

Adewale Ogunleye and the Miami Dolphins First & Third Round pick in this years NFL Draft to Houson and next year's Second Round pick.

Drew Henson and the Houston Texans First & Third Round pick in this years NFL draft to Miami.

Now, it's known that Houston is in search for a quality established DE. Ogunleye coming off 15 sacks this season and 9 the year before makes him a budding star 4 years into the league. The Dolphins get a QB they can work with in Henson, how good he will turn out is unknown. The Fins will also recieve the Texans first round pick in which, they can turn around and draft a WR .. possibly a Roy Williams of Texas

what are your thoughts and comments?
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