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Default What is up with the Mavs

Another game blown. I see it as comedy, but they are one of the "elites" and they are blowing games. They blew a 30 point game against the lakers all in the 4th quarter, they blew 22 against my team (clippers baby). and now the Nuggets. Those are just a couple of teams. There are a hell of a lot more.

They seriously need to trade away Walker and Dirk. Them jacking up up jumpshots is bringing down the team. When Nash, Finley, Howard, Jamison, etc. are working hard on the game, Dirk and Walker screw it all up. If they want any chances at being a good defensive team, they need to trade Dirk and Walker out. They are way too overrated. IIf i was the Mavs GM, I would trade Dirk, Walker, and Bradley to the Pistons for Ben Wallace, Mehmet Okur, and Darko Milicic.

C) Wallace
PF) Okur/Darko(when he reaches potential)
SF) Jamison
SG) Finley
PG) Nash

Although, I don't think the Pistons are dumb enough to make a move so assanine.
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