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I was born in '86 and lived in Illinois about 2 hours away from the dominating defense generated in Chicago abour 11 months earlier in their win over the Patriots in the Super Bowl. I battled through Montana's magic in SF and the Bills AFC dominance. But yet somehow I came out a Dallas fan.

Aikman, Johnston, Novachek, Allen, Woodson, Irvin, Newton... These were the guys I admired as Dallas captured 3 Super Bowls in 4 years, a feat unmatched until now (as the Pats look to do it with a win over philly). But the shining star was and always will be Emmitt Smith. I remember the day that Emmitt took the ball against a trash-talking Seattle team and broke Walter's record. I have the picture of it.

Emmitt should be admired for so much in his career and as a Cowboy, I'm sad to see him go. Thanks for the memories 22.
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