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If it comes down to it, I would hope (in vain) that Carr or Tressel--and the pressure is on Carr since he lost the game--not to accept the BCS Championship Game bid. The OSU-Michigan game is more important than whatever they are calling the alleged title game now.

Okay, here it is: Aside from being an absolute rape to tradition, putting Michigan in the title game is not a very logical choice in my mind.

Michigan is not the best team in its conference--it is the second best. Does the second best team in its conference get to play to be the best team in the country? What makes anyone think the next game will be any different? What could possibly happen in the next game that didn't happen in this one? Ohio State turned the ball over 3 times--only 1 could legitimately be argued as being "forced" by the Michigan defense, and thats sketchy. Michigan had zero turnovers. Despite that, Ohio State was a late Michigan touchdown away from winning by double-digits. Michigan was never in control of that game.

So now we tell Ohio State--beat your arch-rival, that you count down to all year (after the game I heard a man chanting "365 days to Michigan!"), *2* times in a row! if you want to be the national champion! Why? Well, because Michigan is so obviously the second best team, the argument seems to be. Well sorry, I just don't see that. They have a nice non-conf win against Notre Dame, but anyone who is a top tier team should beat the Irish soundly. USC has beaten the top team in the SEC, one of the top two teams in the Big 12, and if they beat Notre Dame throw that on the list. How is anyone sure in this crazy year that Michigan is the second best team out there? Because they prevented getting smashed by Ohio State? in a rivalry game? What did the media expect? 50-0? Get real, this is a game they can't possibly understand.

Michigan had their chance at the title, they blew it. Its time to give someone else a chance--USC or the eventual winner of the SEC. I can't even see how Michigan supporters would want this. If Ohio State lost to Michigan, I wouldn't think they deserved to play for the national title.
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