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Default A Day of luck, I think not

A Poker tale, by Dano

All I've heard the last couple of days, is how July 7th 2007 (777) is going to be a special day when it comes to having luck involved in your life. Couples all over the world planning for weddings, hoping that this day blesses them with luck for an enduring marriage. Gambler's booking rooms in Vegas, Atlantic City and Tunica to cash in on the 7's as well.

So I thought hey, why not me.

So I got online around 10AM central time and entered a No Limit Texas hold em tourney on a well know poker site. The entry fee was $26 buy in with pay outs of $9000. It paid the top 35 players entered. 400 and something people entered this thing so the top prize was $2279 for 1st place and $40.79 going to #35. (You figure the in betweens)

I believe in destiny, so I bought my time, wait for the right moment and then I got my hand that was going to put me near the leader board. Sitting behind the small blind, I was dealt the hand all players would like to have on this day. Pocket 7's. I said, "This must be a sign from the poker gods" They do in fact want me to win on this special day. So with most the table folding it got to me and I went all-in. With four players in, with one player who raise the blinds to $100, he was the only one to call my all-in. He show AK unsuited to my 7 7. I was very happy with this so far

The flop came, J K J. I said OK, it's time to hit that seven. Turn came and it was a 5. No help. But this day is all about luck. No way can 7 7 on this day of 7's lose. And then the most unbelievable thing happen that will remain with me for as long as I live. With only two 7's remaining in the deck... A freaking 3 of diamonds hit on the river busting my balls and making me realize, that

"I hate the number 7 !!!!!"

Jesus God, can my life get any worse?
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