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Default Season's over...maybe all of human history

Season's over.

No need to watch the Super Bowl. Not with the "other" team
playing in it.

This may have been the last chance for Brett and the Packers
to get back to the Super Bowl.

A friend of mine said, "for the Packers, there really IS next year.
They have a really young team." But...BRETT AIN'T YOUNG!!!
How many years does Brett have left? One...maybe two at
a stretch? Then, are they really going to have ANOTHER charmed
season like they did this year? Starting from square one, winning the
division, then getting past Tony Romo, Eli Manning, Matt Hasselbeck, and
everyone else?? I feel sad at this one golden, GOLDEN opportunity
that was Green Bay's for the taking and they let it slip away.

Then, when Brett retires, Green Bay just won't be the same.
Another 23-year drought, maybe?

Denver hasn't been the same since Elway left. Miami hasn't been the
same since Marino left. San Francisco, luckily, had Steve Young in the
wings, once Montana left. I really doubt that Aaron Rodgers is going
to be another Steve Young.'ll be a long time before I recover from this one.
Me, and all of Packer nation.
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