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Thanks, Ellis.

The first time I posted on SC ('03 or '04, I guess) was a night that I had just gotten in a wicked fight with my wife... and the frying pan I had given her as a Valentine's Day gift.

Anyway, I was sitting alone in my man cave - trying to figure out why women just don't get it.

I was bored and just bumping around the internet ---> mostly to various bikini sites, seeking jerk fodder, because I knew I wouldn't be getting any tail that night.

Somehow I came (no, not that) upon SC as I was bumping around.
I really have no idea how that happened - and to this day consider it a miracle on par with the Doug Flutie Hail Mary pass.

I think I read something from a guy named Mountaineer Dave and almost threw up in my mouth.
And Kevin Beaner seemed like he was on sedatives, too, so I decided that I needed to register at the board and help these floundering individuals out.

I registered.
I later posted.
I said things nobody else could get... except for maybe Ellis, because he did drugs a lot.
I think I pissed off a few folks, but never really had darkness in my heart.
Just entertainment in my will.

Thanks, Marc, for all you've done.

You're not half bad ---> for a pinhead.
Originally Posted by buckeye
Sounds to me like they're still waiting for a good old-fashion ass kicking.
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