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Originally Posted by CKFresh View Post
Universal health care is the only proposal I have heard that can promise that...
Not so sure I can endorse that particular bent on this.

Universal Health Care (i.e. turning the whole system over to the
government) in this country would be disastrous, as has shown to
be in Canada. It would not be "free", we would still be paying for
it through what would be necessarily high tax rates, and the quality
would dump into the toilet, with horribly long wait times (as it has
in Canada). Moreover, the psychology of the human person will
create a situation where many people will figure "hey, it's 'free',"
and end up going to the doctor every time their butt itches.
There won't be enough doctors to go around (there aren't now).
Then, we would be stuck with some form of governmental triage,
where the gov't starts to decide who gets treatment and who
doesn't. I fear going that direction. Insurance companies, and
health plans offered by businesses would go away, and anyone
forced to seek treatment out-of-pocket, would find it impossible,
unless they were REALLY wealthy.

As an anecdote, I heard a Canadian woman describe how her child
had a life-threatening illness, but was placed on a 6-8 month waiting
list in Canada. Out of necessity, she left Canada, and came to the
US to, ultimately, save her son's life. Her conclusion: "I'd rather have
my child live, and pay a price, than have my child dead, for free."

I disagree that UHC is the "only proposal" that can "promise" coverage
for everyone, and firmly believe it would make the problem much much
worse than it is. As I described before, I believe there are ways to
provide better health care coverage for the 5-10% of the population
who really "can't" reasonably get it (these issues described before).

Again, I have to go, I'll be late for my morning class...

But, CK, I'm curious to have your thoughts on this...
Question: Should the government REQUIRE that every citizen be
signed up for a health care plan (whether their own, or a gov't
sponsored plan) ?
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