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Top 14 in scoring.
Top 6 money leader.
Top 6 in driving.
Top 4 in top10 finishes.
Top 3 in birdies.
#1 in consecutive cuts.
#1 world ranking.

GUY, why don't you actually watch a round of golf every now and then or at the very least think before you speak? Ya, more money than 100s of other golfers and more wins than 100s of other golfers this year, he stinks. If his putting was only a little better he would have 3 wins this year already instead of "only" 1, which is already an accomplishment in itself. Stick to your little college sports and stop pissing the rest of us who are actually knoweldgeable off.

Originally posted by SC-Lee
#%!^%[email protected]%^@!^[email protected]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you not read ANY of the above posts??? he's not in a friggin' slump!! He is the best the best damn golfer on the Earth.... he can go 6 months without winning and not be in a slump.. [email protected]%.
Originally posted by SC-Lee
Anyone who finishes in the Top 20 in a major tournament is not in a slump.

2003 US Open T20
2003 Masters T15
2002 PGA 2nd
2002 Open T28
2002 US Open 1
2002 Masters 1
2001 PGA T29
2001 Open T25
2001 US Open T12
2001 Masters 1
2000 PGA 1
2000 Open 1
2000 US Open 1
2000 Masters 1

Never mind his last 3 years... look at his last 4 or 5 majors!! ALL TOP 20 FINISHES EXCEPT ONE -- the 2002 Open, which he has his CAREER WORST round in at 81 and he STILL manged a top 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This guys last 3 seasons, never mind his entire CAREER IS an entire career for most golfers!!!!!! You judge a player by how he plays in Majors?? well, Tiger's been the best in them over the past 5 tournaments with 4 top 20 finishes and 1 victory. He has only 7 tournaments or something this year and is 4th on the money list with 3 victories.

Ya, he sucks.
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