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The Wolves look like a really good group. I think it's laughable to say Olowokandi's name in the same sentance as KG, Spree, and Cassel. Seriously. For all you Wolves fans. Even when healthy, the Kandy man really isn't much to get excited about. He has horrible attitude, he is very lazy and has no motive to do anything to improve his game. During his Clip days, they hired Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to teach the Kandi man a thing or 2 about being a good center but his lazy, stupid attitide thought he was too good to get tought by a ledgend.

Kancer man is a joke for all I care and the Wolves are better off if they sign or trade for a new, veteran center. But who knows, maybe Olowokandi will prove me wrong.

Man, I can't believe the Clippers used their 1st overall draft pick. What the hell did he do that was so great in college that made the Clippers want to waste their 1st draft pick on him when there were players like Mike Bibby, Paul Pierce, Vince Carter, etc.

Kandi Man is the next Pervis Ellison.
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