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Default SCMB College Football Pick'em contest, Bowl "Week."

New to the Pick'ems?

Welcome to year five of our pick'em game! Everyone is welcome to give their picks. Simply select the team from the 10 featured games in each week's respective thread whom you think will win and list them in your post. For the selected tiebreaker game of the week(the tiebreaker), you must post the total combined score of the game in addition to the winning team. (Note that this emboldened part of it is different than last year). If the total points scored tiebreaker is used, then the winner will be the one who picks the closest to the amount of points scored in the game, whether they are over or under. However, if player A predicts 46 points scored in a game, player predicts 50 points, and there is actually 48 points scored in the game, only then will the player who was the closest WITHOUT going over (player a) win the tiebreaker.


The first-place winner each week will receive 5 points, second-place 4 points, third-place 3 points, fourth-place 2 points, and all other entrants will receive 1 point. This encourages you to play each week because you are guaranteed to receive points for participation.

Winners and Prizes! *NEW!*

This year, we are instituing prizes for winners to encourage consistent participation. The first-place winner in each contest will receive a $75 gift certificate, second-place will receive a $50.00 gift certificate from, and the third-place winner will receive a $30 gift certificate from

Final Notes

The deadline for posting your picks is before the kickoff of the earliest game listed. You may not post picks after any game in the pick'em has started as your selections will be disregarded. Furthermore, do not complain about the games selected — there is nothing scientific or exact about it. The goal is to pick the 10 best, most competitive games, period. Post your picks here only, a separate thread will be opened each week for discussion and standings. With that said, good luck!

All times Eastern. Pick 'em all:

NEW ORLEANS BOWL (LAFAYETTE, LA.): Dec. 20; Arkansas State (6-5) vs. Southern Miss (6-5); $750,000; 8, ESPN

GMAC BOWL (MOBILE, ALA.): Dec. 21; UTEP (8-3) vs. Toledo (8-3); $750,000; 8, ESPN

LAS VEGAS BOWL (LAS VEGAS): Dec. 22; BYU (6-5) vs. California (7-4); $750,000; 8, ESPN

POINSETTIA BOWL (SAN DIEGO): Dec. 22; Colorado State (6-5) vs. Navy (7-4); $750,000; 10:30, ESPN2

FORT WORTH BOWL (FORT WORTH, TEXAS): Dec. 23; Houston (6-5) vs. Kansas (6-5); $750,000; 8, ESPN

HAWAII BOWL (HONOLULU): Dec. 24; UCF (8-4) vs. Nevada (8-4); $750,000; 8:30, ESPN

MOTOR CITY BOWL (DETROIT): Dec. 26; Akron (7-5) vs. Memphis (6-5); $750,000; 4, ESPN

CHAMPS SPORTS BOWL (ORLANDO): Dec. 27; Clemson (7-4) vs. Colorado (7-5); $862,500; 5, ESPN

INSIGHT BOWL (PHOENIX): Dec. 27; Arizona State (6-5) vs. Rutgers (7-4); $750,000; 8:30, ESPN

MPC COMPUTERS BOWL (BOISE, IDAHO): Dec. 28; Boise State (9-3) vs. Boston College (8-3) $750,000; 4:30, ESPN

ALAMO BOWL (SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS): Dec. 28; Michigan (7-4) vs. Nebraska (7-4); $1.65 million; 8, ESPN

EMERALD BOWL (SAN FRANCISCO): Dec. 29; Utah (6-5) vs. Georgia Tech (7-4); $750,000; 4:30, ESPN

HOLIDAY BOWL (SAN DIEGO): Dec. 29; Oregon (10-1) vs. Oklahoma (7-4); $2 million; 8, ESPN

MUSIC CITY BOWL (NASHVILLE, TENN.): Dec. 30; Virginia (6-5) vs. Minnesota (7-4); $780,000; Noon, ESPN

SUN BOWL (EL PASO, TEXAS): Dec. 30; Northwestern (7-4) vs. UCLA (9-2); $1,575,000; 2, CBS

INDEPENDENCE BOWL (SHREVEPORT, LA.): Dec. 30; Missouri (6-5) vs. South Carolina (7-4); $1.2 million; 3:30, ESPN

PEACH BOWL (ATLANTA): Dec. 30; Miami (9-2) vs. LSU (10-2); $2.35 million; 7:30, ESPN

MEINEKE CAR CARE BOWL (CHARLOTTE, N.C.): Dec. 31; South Florida (6-5) vs. North Carolina State (6-5); $750,000; 11 a.m., ESPN2

LIBERTY BOWL (MEMPHIS, TENN.): Dec. 31; Fresno State (8-4) vs. Tulsa (8-4); $1.5 million; 1, ESPN

HOUSTON BOWL (HOUSTON): Dec. 31; TCU (10-1) vs. Iowa State (7-4); $1.2 million, 2:30, ESPN2

COTTON BOWL (DALLAS): Jan. 2; Alabama (9-2) vs. Texas Tech (9-2); $2.5 million; 11 a.m., FOX

OUTBACK BOWL (TAMPA): Jan. 2; Iowa (7-4) vs. Florida (8-3) ; $2.85 million; 11 a.m., ESPN

GATOR BOWL (JACKSONVILLE): Jan. 2; Virginia Tech (10-2) vs. Louisville (9-2); $1.6 million; 12:30, NBC

CAPITAL ONE BOWL (ORLANDO): Jan. 2; Wisconsin (9-3) vs. Auburn (9-2); $5.312 million; 1, ABC

FIESTA BOWL (TEMPE, ARIZ.): Jan. 2; Ohio State (9-2) vs. Notre Dame (9-2); $14-17 million; 5, ABC

SUGAR BOWL (ATLANTA): Jan. 2; Georgia (10-2) vs. West Virginia (10-1); $14-17 million; 8:30, ABC

ORANGE BOWL (MIAMI): Jan. 3; Penn State (10-1) vs. Florida State (8-4) ; $14-17 million; 8, ABC

ROSE BOWL (PASADENA, CALIF.): Jan. 4; Texas (12-0) vs. Southern Cal (12-0); $14,998,000; 8, ABC (TIEBREAKER GAME - INCLUDE TOTAL POINTS SCORED)

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