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Default Just Nature or God's Judgement?

This is a good debate. Was God responsible for creating that devastating earthquake and tsunami that killed over 150,000 people a few weeks ago?

Why would God kill so many people? Were they evil or is it just natural for disasters to happen. Like depleting an overpopulated world. Nature's way of not overcrowding the earth.

But I've noticed one thing over the years. It seems most disasters happen in third world nations or nations that aren't Christian as a whole.

Like Japan and China have bad earthquakes all the time. Iran had a bad one a couple of years ago. India always has these bad monsoons and floods killing thousands. Is God punishing these nations because they worship Idols or statues? Could be.

Besides 911 The U.S never suffers casulaties in the multiple thousands from disaster. The only one I know about was when Galveston was hit by that hurricane in 1900 and it killed about 6,000 people. It was Galveston wasn't it? No killer earthquakes or storms that kills ten of thousands. Why is that. We have major fault lines in California and New York going down the Mississippi River.

Going back to third world countries-Look how Africa has suffered from tribes wiping out tribes-all the genocide that goes on there. These nations are not Christian. Japan is not Christian. Nor China, Indonesia, Thailand or India. Strange it always happens to them.

You never see England, Spain, France, Australia, USA, Ireland hit by major disasters. One exception was the Bubonic plague that hit Europe hundreds of years ago.

I tell u the USA is really blessed, but as we continue to turn from God u will see more disasters in the USA. I guarantee it. I hope not, but I bet it happens.

God takes care of his people as long as his people honor him.

As for Israel suffering-Why? They deny Jesus Christ as the Son of God. Look how Russia has suffered over the years-they use to be a Godless society. These Middle East countries suffer because they don't believe in the true God.

You say how can God kill all these children? Not saying he is, but it may be that one day these children will grow up and not worship the true God.

Now I'm not for sure God is punishing anyone, but he sure made unbelievers suffer in the Old testament. He wiped out men, women, children and their animals were living so wickedly.

You may say I'm crazy, but look at all the nations that recognize Jesus as the Son of God.

Compare them carefully to all other nations.
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