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Default Sign-Up *NOW* for SPORTS SURVIVOR 2 : New Players, But The Game Remains The Same

After the success of the first Sports Survivor and the apparant interest in a second edition, with no particular objects (yet ) to me running the thing, here is your opportunity to sign-up now for a second edition of SPORTS SURVIVOR. We will have new teams, new players, a new logo, and new challenges, but the game remains the same -- determine the weakest link or, perhaps, even the strongest link -- whatever way you need to go to win the title of the ultimate SPORTS SURVIVOR.

Teams will be drawn at random this time around -- when the list or participants is complete, I will draw at random their names out of a hat to determine who is on whose team.... or perhaps, we should maybe have a challenge before the game even begins, and the top 2 finishers in that challenge can be "captains" of teams, and they can choose their own teams -- WHATEVER you guys want! : I need suggestions.

Please state that you want to play in this game below, and if you have any challenge ideas, PM them to me.

If you played in the previous SPORTS SURVIVOR, we want you to play this one!... If you didn't play in the previous one, we STILL want you to play this one!! New and Old, please sign-up! The more, the merrier!... and if you're not sure what you're getting into, this is a cheap rip-off of the CBS Survivor show, except played over the internet with the majority of immunity challenges dealing with sport questions. You start off in a team of 5 or 6 and then, as people are voted out, the teams combine and you participate in individual immunity challenges. When there are two contestants left, everyone that was voted then votes for who they think the winner should be -- it works like the CBS Survivor show, and even if you don't like that show, you will like this, trust me!

Sign-Up Now!
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