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Originally Posted by CKFresh View Post
Phil. America is a SECULARIST nation.
Secular government, religious nation.

Originally Posted by CKFresh View Post
Nazi Germany was filled with devout Christians.
But run by atheists intent on killing all Jews, Catholics, disabled, homosexuals,
and others. Some used the excuse that they were doing it in the name of
Christianity, but true Christians (and those not duped by Hitler and the Nazi
regime) protested vehemently, if they weren't threatened to be killed

Originally Posted by CKFresh View Post
Religion is the single most destructive myth ever propagated on the human race.
As far as religion being a "myth", I do know by now that that's where you
live right now. Otherwise, you're a good guy, CK, which is why I sincerely
hope you change someday. Until then, only the afterlife will prove to us
which one of us is right or wrong, on this score.

As far as being "destructive", communism has been destructive.

Religion (i.e. the consciousness of the divine) has been the single most
positive force toward overcoming our naturally animalistic nature.
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