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Originally Posted by Richard the Lionheart View Post
This is a good response, and I agree with your main point here, but it's a question of what most people are capable of. I think it is fairly reasonable to be skeptical of the cliam that most people are capable of attaining a purely rational logic, hope and sense of justice. Whatever the real driving forces are behind religion, religion at the very least makes those driving forces more accessable to people not capable of the kind of purely rational logic you are speaking of. In attacking the Church you only take away common man's capability to live according to the principles you support. The attack may be done in the name of truth, but that doesn't necessarily mean it will have positive consequences for the world.
Well said.

It's hard to imagine a world without "the Church." It is quite possible that the world would be worse off without religion. However, I'm not sure that is the case. "Spirituality" will always exist, but I'm not convinced that organized religion is necessary or advantageous in any way.

Again, a sense of "somethine else," isn't what I am talking about. It is the institution of religion I am questioning
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