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Also I would like to point out that I'm pretty sure the Bible never says how old the Earth is. People make that assumption when they take Genisis literally and count the 7 days as 7 actual days.
It doesn't say how old the Earth is, but you can do the math backward based on the lifespans it gives... which are pretty specific. Some Irish monk in the vicinity of the 17th century (can't remember exactly when) calculated the "date" of creation as October 26, 4004 B.C. (The year is plausible; how he got the day is beyond me.)

And, yes, people do make that assumption about Genesis... which is the main thing that makes them fight against evolution. It's also beyond me why anybody still takes that literally... but they do. (There are, interestingly enough, alternate "Genesis" versions that make it very clear that these aren't supposed to be taken as literal days....) Or, rather, that's one of the main things that makes them contest evolution. The other is that they feel evolution removes mankind's "privileged" position in the universe, relative to the rest of Creation.

Personally, I do have to agree with that positionóbecause I want the "privileged position" concept removed. Maybe we'd treat the rest of Creation a little better if we didn't think it was ours to trash....
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