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Thumbs down Mlb Vs. Fans Petition!

This is a petition we the fans agree on. The undersigned fans will NOT attend any more games of the Major League Baseball Association because of all the Greed, Corruption, Drugs, and ignorance against the fans of the MLB. We are tired of hearing you players cry over not making enough money when we have to work 5 lifetimes to make what you make in a year. We are sick of not being able to afford to take of family to a game which costs $200-250 a game. We are tired of sitting at a drawn out boring game that lasts for 4 hours when it can be played in 2. We know you just want us to spend , spend, spend on drinks, beers, food for the extra 2 hours. We will not attend any more games nor will we buy any team products because you are too greedy.
You have taken the game away from our kids and families and made it into a joke and a corrupt business and you lost your loyalty to all the fans.
We don't need your baseball nor your cry-baby antic anymore. We will attend our school, colledge and t-ball games before we attend another game of yours.
When you decide to come down drastically in your prices on tickets, food, etc and turn the game back into what it is suppose to be, then we will think about it with our families.
Until then, we all will not attend your games from now on and will do other things with our money instead of buying your BMW's, Drugs, $10,000 suits, etc.
We the Fans do hereby STRIKE against the MLB!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Send this Petition to everyone you can and we as the fans will show the MLB who made them what they are. Let them try to make ends meet when they see they have to work for a living instead of stealing from us.
F. Sturgeon- Petition writer and starter. 7/9/02 -2:42 pm CST
1. F. Sturgeon
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Marc will become famous soon enough

I wouldn't attend any games, anyway...

Welcome, by the way. :wavey:
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Welcome aboard, Bubba. I've wandered over here from the NFL board, which I just happen to moderate. Are you a Titans fan by any chance? One of our other moderators is - only he moderates the NBA board. Go figure!

While I understand your frustration about where baseball appears to be headed, I'm sorry to be the one to point out that the fans themselves are not totally blameless either.

Once upon a time, a team didn't have to be a so-called "contender" to stimulate fan interest. Are you familiar with the term "first division" by any chance? It meant fourth place or higher in the original eight-team leagues (and then, fifth place or higher when expansion brought the number of teams in each league to ten). It was considered very important, by the players and fans alike, to at least achieve this even though it did not mean that the team would participate in the playoffs. And even a truly bad team aroused definite fan interest; no one wanted the dishonor of finishing in the "cellar." (After finishing last in the National League for the first four years of their existence, the Mets were in ninth place in the 10-team NL in September of 1966. The local newspapers actually kept a countdown of the "magic number" for the Mets to clinch finishing ahead of the last-place Cubs, and champagne corks were literally popped in the Mets' clubhouse when they clinched ninth place).

Unfortunately, today's generations of fans do not think this way: If a team is not "Number One," they're nowhere - and the local ballpark becomes a ghost town the soon as the team that plays in it is obviously out of postseason contention. (If "bad" teams drew as well, relative to "good" teams, as they did in the 1950s, ticket prices etc. would be lower across the board, since the owners wouldn't have had to increase the prices to cover the shortfall).

There are so many self-styled "purists" making the rounds these days - and I say let them prove how "pure" they are: They can do this in Detroit on July 23rd, 24th and 25th, when the last-place Tigers host the next-to-last-place Royals for a three-game series; and (assuming there isn't a strike by then) they can flock to Milwaukee August 26th through 29th, when the fifth-place Cubs come to town to take on the last-place Brewers.

That said, however, perhaps the tied final score of the All-Star Game is a portent of how the upcoming labor dispute will turn out - and should turn out, for neither side deserves to win, and hopefully neither side will!

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