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Biggest Trades of the 2019 NHL Offseason

Sports PhotoThis NHL offseason has been full of surprising moves and unexpected trades. Who are the winners and losers so far? SC’s Scott Huntington takes a look. Complete Story

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How the Blues Won the Stanley Cup

Sports PhotoThe St. Louis Blues just pulled off the impossible, winning their first Cup, says SC’s Scott Huntington. How did they do it? Complete Story

The NHL Has a Replay Problem

Sports PhotoIt’s the playoffs. The better team should win, and win fairly. That doesn’t always happen, and when the calls are clearly being blown but not reviewable, there’s a major problem. Complete Story

What in the World Happened to the Lightning?

Sports PhotoTampa Bay losing to Columbus is one of the biggest upsets in sports history. It’s wasn’t even a one-game fluke, they failed four straight chances in a row. So, asks SC’s Scott Huntington, what happened? Complete Story

The Final Week of the NHL Season is Here

Sports PhotoIt’s been a crazy up-and-down season, but now it’s time for it to end and the playoffs to begin. For many teams, it’s already do or die. Get ready for some major drama … the final week of the NHL begins now. Complete Story

Which NHL Teams Will Be Most Hurt By Injuries?

Sports PhotoIt’s crunch-time in the NHL. Teams are fighting for playoff spots, and every game seems like it’s life or death. Several teams are going to have their fates decided by who stays healthy, and who gets injured. Complete Story

NHL Trade Deadline Winners and Losers

Sports PhotoThe NHL trade deadline has come and gone. Who’s going to improve, and who’s going to stay the same? Find out in our list of deadline winners and losers. Complete Story

The Race to the NHL Playoffs Begins Now

Sports PhotoWith the NHL All-Star Game now in the rearview mirror, it’s now officially time to look at the NHL playoffs. There are a ton of bubble teams that could easily make a run, which means some of the ones that are sitting comfortably need to be alert. Complete Story

The NHL Has a Problem: No Team in Houston

Sports PhotoThe NHL has chosen Seattle rather than Houston to be its 32nd franchise, tying the NFL for the largest among the four major sports leagues. Bad move, says SC’s Anthony Brancato, who explains why. Complete Story

Can Anyone Stop the Tampa Bay Lightning?

Sports PhotoThe Tampa Bay Lightning have the best record in the league, and it’s not close. Can they keep it up all the way to the playoffs? SC’s Scott Huntington takes a look. Complete Story

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