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The Pythagorean Hockey League

Sports PhotoIn 1970, the NHL faced a truly comical situation because of its then-existing tie-breakers. The potential for something even worse now exists, thanks to the “loser’s point,” which is one more reason why the latter needs to be abolished. Complete Story

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NHL Should Scrap “Loser’s Point”

Sports PhotoWhen is the NHL going to go back to treating all losers as losers? That’s long overdue, says SC’s Anthony Brancato. Complete Story

NHL Needs Another Canadian Team

Sports PhotoOne would think that 32 teams would be the perfect number for a sports league. But not always. SC’s Anthony Brancato points out the undeniable benefits of the NHL, just to name one, adding more teams. Complete Story

NHL Needs to Follow NBA’s Lead, As Always

Sports PhotoSince the NBA and the NHL have always closely followed one another when it comes to their respective playoff formats, SC’s Anthony Brancato asks why stop now? It’s time for the NHL to implement a “play-in.” Complete Story

Russia/Ukraine War and the NHL

Sports PhotoThe ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has caused a shockwave of social and economic effects worldwide. Many sports leagues have made official statements about the conflict, but the NHL has taken further action out of necessity. Complete Story

NHL Needs to Get “Krakin’” on Realignment

Sports PhotoWhen divisional play began in baseball in 1969, commissioner Bowie Kuhn famously said that, “It wouldn’t be practical to have a first-place team and a 12th-place team.” It is no longer fashionable to have a first-place team and an eighth-place team in any sport. So don’t have any eighth-place teams. Complete Story

What’s the Future Hold For Ovechkin?

Sports PhotoOver the past two decades, Alexander Ovechkin has been one of the NHL’s greatest scorers. Throughout his professional career, the 35-year-old has played for just two teams, Moscow and Washington. Where will he finish? Complete Story

Is Ovechkin the Greatest Scorer in NHL History?

Sports PhotoAlexander Ovechkin is going to get his 700th goal any game now. Does this make him the best scorer in history? SC’s Scott Huntington takes a look at this question. Complete Story

New Jersey Devils Fire Ray Shero, Now What?

Sports PhotoWhen some impressive preseason moves that loaded them with talent, the Devils went into the season as a team to watch. Now, not even to the All-Star Break, they’ve fired their GM and are in all-out tank mode. Complete Story

Are We Seeing the End of Fighting in Hockey?

Sports PhotoWe’re seeing less and less fighting in the National Hockey League. Is that a good thing? And will we see it vanish forever? SC’s Scott Huntington gives his take. Complete Story

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