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Super Bowl 50 Aftermath

Sports PhotoSuper Bowl 50 is in the books, and SC’s Jeffrey Boswell takes a look back at Super Bowl Sunday’s contest. Is Peyton Manning done? What were the best commercials? And can Cam Newton recover from defeat better than he recovers a fumble? Complete Story

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Sports Q&A: Super Bowl XLVIII Aftermath

Sports PhotoDid the opening coin toss decide the Super Bowl winner? Should Joe Namath handle all future Super Bowl coin tosses? Will Peyton Manning return next year? What does John Fox say? SC’s Jeffrey Boswell has the answers in Super Bowl Q&A. Complete Story

Sports Q&A: Super Bowl XLVII Edition

Sports PhotoSuper Bowl XLVII is in the books, and the Baltimore Ravens are indeed “holding” … the Lombardi Trophy. SC’s Jeffrey Boswell examines the game, the disastrous blackout, the backlash, the commercials, and previews next year’s Super Bowl. Complete Story

Sports Q&A: The Truth Won’t Set You Free

Sports PhotoLying runs rampant in the world of sports. Ask anybody in the business, and they’ll likely tell you otherwise. So it’s refreshing to see someone like Cole Hamels tell the truth. But alas, he’s punished for it! SC’s Jeffrey Boswell discusses the issue. Complete Story

Sports Q&A: NFL is Too Bounty-licious

Sports PhotoRevelations of a New Orleans Saints “bounty” system shook the NFL recently. The outcry begs the question “Who else is doing it?” SC’s Jeffrey Boswell says the more apt question is “Who’s not?” and outs the bounty systems of all 32 teams. Complete Story

Sports Q&A: Super Bowl XLVI Edition

Sports PhotoSuper Bowl XLVI is history, and the Giants are champs thanks to their hands. SC’s Jeffrey Boswell explains, and also takes a look at the halftime show and commercials. Plus, thoughts on Ahmad Bradshaw, Wes Welker, and an early prediction. Complete Story

Sports Q&A: NFL Postseason Edition

Sports PhotoWhat does the future hold for Tim Tebow? Who’s likely to draft Robert Griffin III? Who fired Hue Jackson? SC’s Jeffrey Boswell takes a look at these and other NFL questions in the Sports Q&A. Complete Story

Sports Q&A: How to Spend $100 Million

Sports PhotoCan $100 million buy a Super Bowl? Maybe, maybe not, but it can sure pay off creditors. The Eagles hope to find out if their money talks. In the meantime, SC’s Jeffrey Boswell takes a look at some other items $100 million would buy. Complete Story

Sports Q&A: NFL Mildly Burning Questions

Sports PhotoWill the Titans pay Chris Johnson? Who would win a fight between Mark Sanchez and Rex Ryan? Where will the Cowboys finish in the NFC East? SC’s Jeffrey Boswell takes on these questions and more in this week’s Sports Q&A. Complete Story

Sports Q&A: The Randy Moss Quiz

Sports PhotoRandy Moss announced his retirement last week, ending his athletically-gifted and personally-troubled career. In Sports Q&A, SC’s Jeffrey Boswell asks you to pay tribute by taking the “Randy Moss Quiz,” which, fittingly, requires little effort. Complete Story

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