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^^^but is that true? Jordan's hey day was at a time where there was such a thing as illegal defense. Kobe's recent years have had to deal with the rule changes of '01-'02, and I have to believe those kinds of changes would've affected Jordan's game a lot more had they been implemented during the '80s.

That is something you have to consider when you compare these two Salley alluded to, defensive strategy has completely changed since those glory days of Jordan. Would Jordan be flying to the rack as much as he did in the past if two-three guys are constantly waiting for him in the lane?

One thing's for certain: at this point in time of their careers, I believe Kobe has the stronger perimeter game than Jordan.

Ultimately, however, I'd like to see what Kobe does the rest of his career before we even talk about this in a more thoughtful manner.
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