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Greatest NFL Quarterbacks: All-Underrated List

Sports PhotoThe excellent Football Perspective recently published the results of a crowd-sourcing project to identify the best QBs of all-time. SC’s Brad Oremland calls attention to five great players underrated in the voting. Complete Story

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Over/Under: New NFL Coaches

Sports PhotoSeven of the NFL’s 32 teams have changed head coaches since the end of the 2014 regular season. SC’s Brad Oremland evaluates the new hires, and examines their situations, producing an over/under figure on how long each tenure will last. Complete Story

SC’s 2005-14 NFL All-Decade Team

Sports PhotoFollowing a Super Bowl that lived up to its name, SC’s Brad Oremland presents his 2005-2014 NFL All-Decade team, including Coach of the Decade, plus the most overrated and underrated at each position. Complete Story

Super Bowl XLIX Aftermath

Sports PhotoSuper Bowl XLIX is in the books, and only one thing is for sure: the Seahawks now know how the Packers felt. SC’s Jeffrey Boswell reviews the fateful outcome, as well as the halftime show and commercials. Complete Story

Wins, Losses, and the Cruel Dichotomy

Sports PhotoNew England’s narrow win over Seattle Sunday advanced many story lines for both teams. But SC’s Corrie Trouw says the winner-take-all nature of the NFL clouds how close most of its games really are. Complete Story

Super Bowl XLIX Rewind

Sports PhotoThe Patriots won their fourth championship in style: a tense, dramatic Super Bowl. SC’s Brad Oremland breaks down the game, with thoughts on the 2015 HOF class, the commercials and halftime show, and the legacies of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Super Bowl XLIX

Sports PhotoThe Patriots and Seahawks clash in Super Bowl XLIX. SC’s Jeffrey Boswell gives his forecast, and predicts and eventful Sunday, featuring the “Human Juggs Machine,” Lionel Messi, and the “Epic Fail Mary.” Complete Story

NFL State of the Union

Sports PhotoLast Tuesday, the President of the United States gave his annual State of the Union address to Congress. Now, SC’s Brad Oremland looks at the current state of the NFL, including a culture of scandal and an ineffective discipline system. Complete Story

Super Bowl XLIX Proposition Bets

Sports PhotoSuper Bowl XLIX is set with the Patriots and Seahawks squaring off in Arizona. In honor of gamblers everywhere, SC’s Jeffrey Boswell presents the universe’s most comprehensive list of proposition bets (for entertainment purposes only). Complete Story

Super Bowl XLIX Preview

Sports PhotoChampionship weekend produced a classic fourth quarter and a blowout, ultimately offering fans a Super Bowl matchup with the two best teams. SC’s Brad Oremland breaks down the conference championship games and predicts the winner. Complete Story

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