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NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 11

Sports PhotoThe Seahawks host the Packers, while Jerry Jones says “need me” as the Cowboys visit the Falcons. Meanwhile, Jon Gruden is “Coach of the Decade,” and the Chiefs and Rams engage in a shootout without Aqib Talib. It’s Week 11! Complete Story

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NFL Power Rankings Week 11

Sports PhotoAnother wild NFL weekend with the Patriots going down, the Steelers and Saints each hitting 50, and the Packers getting the ground game going. Where do the teams stack up? Check out Week 11’s rankings. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 10

Sports PhotoThe Chiefs offense goes “warp speed” against the Cardinals, while the prospect of facing the Lions offensive line makes the Bears “sacks” tingle. Sheep take a back seat when the “GOAT” visits Tennessee, and the Eagles host the Cowboys. Complete Story

NFL Week 10 Power Rankings

Sports PhotoPerhaps the most anticipated week of the season did not disappoint. The Saints took down the undefeated Rams, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers dueled, and most importantly, Vegas took a blow. Join SC’s Bob Campbell for this week’s rankings. Complete Story

It’s Lottery Time in the NFL

Sports PhotoThe Raiders and Giants have clearly thrown in the towel on their 2018 season, yet will still be rewarded handsomely for it in the 2019 draft. Is this right? No, no, a thousand times no, says SC’s Anthony Brancato. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 9

Sports PhotoThe Bills run the “too mi-nute offense” against the Bears, while for Gregg Williams, it’s hard to put a price on Pat Mahomes’ head. Meanwhile, the Ravens and Steelers clash in Baltimore, and Ryan Fitzpatrick could be the NFL’s “Most Variable Player.” Complete Story

Week 9 Power Rankings

Sports PhotoOn a somber Sunday, the NFL took our minds off Saturday’s tragedy, if only for a second. The last week before the trade deadline just went down, and SC’s Robert Campbell breaks down the league in this week’s NFL power rankings. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 8

Sports PhotoPhiladelphia looks to avoid the “Process (of Elimination)” against the Jags in London, while Derek Carr’s Halloween costume is a “ghost of his former self.” Meanwhile, Tom Brady lords over the Bills and discusses “Prince Albert” with Chris Sale. Complete Story

NFL Week 8 Power Rankings

Sports PhotoAfter a brief hiatus, SC’s Bob Campbell is back to break down NFL Week 7. The league is starting to take shape, so check out Week 8’s power rankings. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 7

Sports PhotoThe Patriots bring a three-game win streak and hot clam chowder to Chicago, while Jameis Winston and the Bucs look to find magic against the Browns. Meanwhile, the Ravens go ‘Poe’s Before Ho’s” against the Saints, and the Chiefs host the Bengals. Complete Story

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