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How Often is Super Bowl-Winning QB the Best QB?

Sports PhotoFor better or for worse (it’s worse), quarterbacks are often judged by how many Super Bowls their teams have won. SC’s Brad Oremland tries to figure out how often the quarterback with a ring was the best at his position during that season. Complete Story

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Can the NFL and NASCAR Coexist?

Sports PhotoHas the widely-reported decline in ratings that the NFL has suffered recently led to the unthinkable — that NASCAR has overtaken it in popularity? There is only one way to find out, says SC’s Anthony Brancato. Complete Story

The Patriots’ Problem

Sports PhotoThe New England Patriots are making headlines for all the wrong reasons. SC’s Brad Oremland ignores today’s scandals and speculations to focus on the team’s real worst enemy: retired safety Bernard Pollard. Complete Story

Super Bowl LII Review

Sports PhotoThe Eagles won their first-ever Super Bowl in a dramatic game with record-breaking offense, a backup quarterback as MVP, and only one punt. SC’s Brad Oremland breaks down the game, plus the 2018 HOF class, the commercials, and halftime show. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Super Bowl LII

Sports PhotoIt’s “Tom vs. Time (to Pass)” as the Eagles try to prevent the Patriots from capturing their sixth Super Bowl. SC’s Jeffrey Boswell previews the stars, the fans, and the game, as well as the SB LII halftime activities. Complete Story

Why It’s Now or Never For Eagles

Sports PhotoOne team, but not the other, facing a “must-win” situation — in the Super Bowl? Surprising, or maybe not, as SC’s Anthony Brancato, who, don’t worry, is not trying to sell you car insurance, makes the case for. Complete Story

Reviewing 2017 NFL Preseason Picks

Sports PhotoWith the NFL’s 2017 season one game from its conclusion, SC’s Brad Oremland looks back at his preseason power rankings to see what was right and what was wrong. New England in the Super Bowl was a hit, but Jacksonville at 6-10 was a clear miss. Complete Story

Super Bowl LII Proposition Bets

Sports PhotoSuper Bowl LII is drawing near, and if there’s money burning a hole in your pocket, help is here. SC’s Jeffrey Boswell presents the universe’s most comprehensive Super Bowl prop bets list, banned by Gamblers Anonymous. Complete Story

Are Patriots and Crimson Tide Making Sports Boring?

Sports PhotoSo, Alabama won the national title. The Patriots are going to the Super Bowl. Water is wet, and if you drink one beer from this six-pack, you will have five beers left. SC’s Steve Brenna takes a look at what have become inevitable rites of January. Complete Story

Super Bowl LII Preview

Sports PhotoThe Patriots, Eagles, and Vikings are all headed to Minnesota, but only the first two will play in Super Bowl LII. SC’s Brad Oremland breaks down the conference championships and predicts the winner of New England vs. Philadelphia. Complete Story

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