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Richard the Lionheart 11-23-2003 11:21 PM

Don't Despair Buckeye fans! Things may turn out okay in the End!
No, this is not a post on how Ohio State can get back into the top two of the BCS. I may be a homer, but I'm not dillusional.

Right now, it's looking like a lackluster trip to the Citrus Bowl to play some SEC team. But that's not what we want Buckeye fans, now is it?


Here is the perfect scenario for Buck fans:

*USC and LSU both loose one of their remaining games.

This means Michigan gets to go to the title game where they will be slaughtered by Oklahoma (or so everyone says although I think it will be reasonably close. Im confident they will loose however since it won't be in their precious Big House.).

Then since they're in the title game the Rose Bowl is open for Ohio State and USC! It's a beutiful thing, and entirely possible if Oregon State pulls the upset.

NickHammy 11-23-2003 11:27 PM

Its very possible for LSU to lose because of the title game. Plus if Michigan somehow makes it to the title game the Rose Bowl would prefer a Big Ten team. We would likely play USC in this situation. Otherwise we just get the loser of the SEC championship game.

Richard the Lionheart 11-23-2003 11:43 PM

Or if everyone wins out thats favored to we might actually get a rematch with Miami. That would be okay too.

Richard the Lionheart 11-23-2003 11:46 PM

Not as okay as the Rose though, although admittedly its somewhat of a long-shot.

Aristides 11-24-2003 01:45 AM

Chances are slim at best. I think there is a better chance of LSU over throwing USC in the BCS if they continue to win out and win the SEC Champioship game. That pits Mich with USC in the Rose and the Big 10 could shut all these ****in Trojan band wagon idiots the hell up.

Richard the Lionheart 11-24-2003 10:04 PM

Amazingly, I would be rooting for Michigan in that matchup.

Aristides 11-24-2003 11:03 PM

I'm rooting for the Bucks whoever in the hell they play. If it's the Capital or the Orange I want every Big 10 team thats going bowling to beat the hell out of everyone.

It's no longer.....Beat the Bucks time and Go Blue!

It's go Big 10!

tigereyes33 11-24-2003 11:35 PM

I hope OSU plays UGA or LSU in either the Capital One Bowl, or the Orange Bowl, because they will get blown away.

tigereyes33 11-24-2003 11:44 PM

My God, let's have a feel-good post game party why don't we. What is wrong with you people? Aristides, you should still hate OSU and Ricky you especially should still hate Michigan because you lost to them. Screw the Big Ten, you should hate Michigan. And you call your rivalry the best. What is going on? I still hate Alabama more than anything in this country (the only two I hate more in the world are Sadaam and bin Laden, and that's only because we beat Alabama). You should too if your rivalry is so big and bad. I always here people gloating about how great the rivalry is, guess what Bo and Woody are gone, the rivalry hasn't been as intense since. I guess it goes to show that a rivalry out of state ain't the same as the Iron Bowl or FSU vs. UF, or any other big rivalry in-state because you don't live with as many of those rival fans ever. I live in GA, but lived in Bama and that's just me, most Auburn fans live in Bama and most Bama fans do too. The hate and passion played in that rivalry is much higher than the UM vs. OSU rivalry. That stadium was absolutely electric last Saturday night, and Auburn and Bama were having extremely disappointing seasons, it was the most combined losses ever in an Iron Bowl, and just being there, you'd have thought that it was #1 vs. #2. It was an amazing atmosphere. So just to top this off, SCREW BAMA 3 out of 4 you *******es.

NickHammy 11-25-2003 12:28 AM


Originally posted by tigereyes33
I hope OSU plays UGA or LSU in either the Capital One Bowl, or the Orange Bowl, because they will get blown away.
I hate to be the first to inform you but OSU is not the same as Auburn. As far as the whole rivalry thing I'm not even going to comment because your statements are so biased it makes me want to vomit.

Aristides 11-25-2003 01:34 AM

Yeah, I want OSU to go out and get blown away by a punk ass SEC team in the ****in Orange Bowl. Give me a break.............

If OSU gets handed a blow out what in the **** does that say about our victory of them? Not a damn thing!

Personally I wish OSU would win every single game every single year except for one and thats against my Wolverines.

Two things happen because of it........It makes UM look that much better beating a high ranked team.

And BEST of all it CRUSHES their fans hopes and dreams of a winning a championship, LIKE THIS YEAR, and leaves them wondering "What could have been if we didn't lose to that team up North?"

That is PURE HATRED Tigereyes and it's a feeling that I LOVE and CHERISH until they meet again in November. But I guess you don't really understand that playing 'Bama the past few years who gets beat by everyone.

Next year I will gladly take to you on a trip to the OSU campus and while I'm wearing my Wolverines threads you can preach to them why you think this rivalry doesn't mean anything anymore. My guess is that we would be leaving in a ambulance.

Said I don't hate OSU..............WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tigereyes33 11-25-2003 10:50 AM

Aristides, if you hate a team, it makes you unhappy to see them win. Period. You're sitting here saying I root for OSU every game except against us. That makes it sound like they are your second favorite team or something.

KevinBeane 11-25-2003 11:12 AM

The difference between the OSU/Mich rivalry and Auburn/Alabama is that OSU/Michigan game always has Big Ten/and our National Championship implications (13 out of the last 14 years, I believe, when UM/OSU met up, at least one of them were in first, or playing for first, in the Big Ten.) Auburn/Alabama has essentially become crucial in determining something like, "Who gets to be tied for third in the SEC West?!"

Aristides 11-25-2003 11:43 AM

33, you are missing my point. I need OSU to be good because as you know its all about the rankings. If OSU becomes an Indiana, Michigan wins over them don't mean a god damn thing. If OSU becomes an Indiana then their fans don't care if UM beats them because they get used to it. Where is the fun in that?

Look at the overall picture and you might understand how I feel about it.

tigereyes33 11-25-2003 02:44 PM

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Just had to post this, it was so loud and intense last Saturday night.

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