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bama4256 12-18-2006 04:17 PM

To Be or Not to Be?
Are the San Diego Chargers good enough to be Super
Bowl XLI champions?

Oh I'm sorry! I forgot,they haven't even made it to
the Super Bowl yet.

But in all actuality I can see no team in the AFC
stopping them from making it to the Super Bowl.

Well, almost nobody!

Of course, you've heard the old saying "on any given
day any NFL team can be beat". I agree with that
statement, but I cannot see the Chargers having a
letdown anytime soon.

The all-powerful running back LaDainian Tomlinson is a
wrecking crew all by himself. He can definitely carry
this team on his shoulders to the Super Bowl.

Maybe not last year or next year, but this year he can
and he will.

There are no words to describe how well he has done
this season. If he does not win the MVP award this
season they should drop the award for evermore.

Sure New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees has had
an excellent season, and has helped propel his team
into the playoffs, but he is not even close to
being in the same league with Tomlinson.
Nor anyone else in the league.

Not even rookie return specialist Devin Hester of the
Chicago Bears, who recently set an NFL record by
returning his fifth and sixth kickoffs for touchdowns
last week.

Nobody compares to LaDainian Tomlinson in the NFL.

He has broken two NFL records in the past two games.

Last week against the Denver Broncos, in their 48-20
win, Tomlinson scored three touchdowns to give him 29
touchdowns for the year and the record.

Shaun Alexander of the Seattle Seahawks had just set a
new record for touchdowns last season with 28.

With San Diego's win over Kansas City just this past
weekend, Tomlinson became the all-time leading scorer
in a single-season, in the NFL with 186 points.

He achieved that in the first quarter of the game on a
15-yard touchdown run.

Breaking Paul Hornung's 46-year old NFL record of 176
points, which he set as a Green Bay Packer in 1960.
Hornung was a kicker and a tailback.

I almost forgot, he broke another record by having
eight straight multi-touchdown games this season.
Breaking the record he shared with running back John

Simply amazing!

The Chargers are almost unbeatable right now.

They have won eight straight games. They lead the AFC
Western division with a record of 12-2.

Could this be the season head coach Marty
Schottenheimer makes it to his first Super Bowl as
head coach?

Most football fans remember well the luck he has had
over the years in the playoffs, especially as former the
head coach of the Cleveland Browns and the Kansas City

In Cleveland, he led his team to the playoffs four
different times, he won three AFC Central titles, and
made two trips to the AFC Championship Game. Losing
both times to the Denver Broncos.

Schottenheimer spent 10 seasons in Kanas City, and led
them to the playoffs 7 of those 10 years. He also won
three divisional titles with the Chiefs, but
unfortunately, no cigar.

He spent one year as head coach of the Washington
Redskins in 2001 leading them to a 8-8 record and was
then promptly fired by owner Daniel Synder.

Since being with San Diego he has led them to one
playoff game, and that was in January of 2004, but
they lost to the New York Jets, 20-17, in overtime.
Another heart-breaking loss for Marty Schottenheimer.

Now don't get me wrong I think he is a great coach.

Just not very lucky. Or is luck really a factor?

I really believe this is his season to finally make it
to the Super Bowl.

San Diego is fun to watch and their games are always
full of action.

Quarterback Philip Rivers won't overpower you with his
stats, but he is cool-headed and just the right man
for the job.

Rivers ranks seventh in the league in quarterback
efficiency, with a rating of 91.5.

He has thrown for 2,976 yards and thrown 18 touchdowns
with only eight interceptions all year long. Not bad.

As you probably know he replaced Drew Brees when Brees
was dealt to the New Orleans Saints.

Would San Diego be even better with Brees at the helm?

He's having a MVP season. But I think Rivers is the
perfect fit for this team.

Rivers is from my home state of Alabama. He probably
would have played his college ball for the University
of Alabama, but with the Crimson Tide being on
probation at that time, I think it helped sway Rivers
to North Carolina State. Ugh!

With Philip Rivers and LaDainian Tomlinson leading
this offense only good things will happen for this

Now don't get me wrong they haven't done it by

Tight end Antonio Gates has played a huge part in San
Diego's success this season.

Gates is not having his greatest year, but boy is he
consistent. He currently has 65 receptions and 805
yards receiving, and has caught eight touchdown passes
so far this season.

In 2005, he caught 89 passes for 1,101 yards and
caught 10 touchdown passes. His best season while in
the NFL. And he's only 26 years old. So he should be
around for many years to come, barring any serious

When Tomlinson needs to take a break, running back
Michael Turner fills in nicely.

He's averaging 6.4 yards per carry. Turner has gained
415 yards this season on 65 carries and scored two
rushing touchdowns.

One thing I need to mention is that LaDainian
Tomlinson is also a big threat to catch the ball.

Currently, he has 53 receptions with 484 yards and
three touchdowns.

He's an all purpose back!

San Diego's offense ranks fifth overall in the NFL,
averaging 365.2 yards per game.

You might think they would be ranked higher with
Tomlinson running all over the field, but their
offense has been good enough to keep opposing defenses
mighty busy.

Their defense is ranked seventh overall in the NFL,
allowing 290.5 yards per game.

They have one of the best linebackers in the game with
Donnie Edwards. He ranks sixth in the NFL in tackles
with 124.

He also has three interceptions so far this season.

Edwards is in his 11th season in the NFL. He played
his college ball for UCLA. He's a very important part
of this team, and a big reason for their success so

By the way, his most productive season was in 2003
when he ended up with 162 tackles. 126 of those were
solo tackles. I can't say enough good about this guy.

Another monster on defense for this team is linebacker
Shawne Merriman. He only has 49 tackles for the year,
but leads the team in sacks with 12.5. He's tied for second
in the NFL in sacks.

And don't forget, he received a four game suspension
earlier this season for testing positive for steroids.

Another great thing about Merriman is, he's only in
his second year in the NFL. Playing his college ball
at Maryland.

In 2005, he was NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year.

His future looks mighty bright.

Concerning this linebacking crew, just think if Steve
Foley had been able to play this season.

Foley was shot in the leg by an off-duty police
officer back on September 3rd of this year. So he was
placed on the injured reserve list.

One of the other linebackers on this crew is Randall
Godfrey. He's tied for third on the team in tackles
with 58.

Linebacker Shaun Phillips also has 58 tackles.

Another big guy on this defense is cornerback Quentin
Jammer. He has 64 tackles on the year, and leads the
team in interceptions with four.

San Diego is just plain solid all the way around.

They even have a great kicker in Nate Kaeding. He
ranks second overall in the NFL in kicking with 119

Kaeding has successfully kicked 22 of 25 field goals
this season, and 53 of 53 extra points.

On special teams kick returner Michael Turner has done
well. He's averaging 26.8 yard per carry when he
returns a kick.

That really gives the team good field position each
time he touches the ball.

Rookie Antonio Cromartie has returned kicks on just 10
attempts, but has averaged 29.7 yards per return. He
played his college ball for Florida State.

The Chargers have two games remaining in the regular

They play the Seattle Seahawks at home next week, and
then end the regular season against the Arizona Cardinals
on the road. I see them winning both games unless they
rest their starters for the playoffs.

If San Diego does make it to the Super Bowl who will
they play? My guess right now is either against the
New Orleans Saints or the Dallas Cowboys.

But first they will have to get past the other AFC
teams that make it into the playoffs.

That could be the Indianapolis Colts, or the Baltimore
Ravens or a host of other teams that still have a chance of
making the playoffs.

If they face Baltimore they will be facing the number
one ranked defense in the NFL. And if they face the
Colts they will be going against the number two
offense in the NFL.

The Chargers lost to the Ravens back in week four, by
a score of 16-13 in Baltimore.

Tomlinson gained 98 yards rushing in that game.

So its not going to be an easy task. Or is it?

Only time will tell.

I'm sure you know this, but I've seen teams dominate
like the Colts did in 2005, and not go very far in the

Indianapolis lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the
playoffs last season, 21-18.

But I have a gut feeling the Chargers will go all the

I'd really like to see it for coach Marty
Schottenheimer's sake. He's really a great guy and, he
has worked his butt off over the years to achieve that

So good luck and may the best team win. And I really
believe the San Diego Chargers are the best team in the NFL.

See you at the game.

AmpleSound 12-18-2006 04:56 PM

You forgot to mention that LT has also thrown three touchdown passes lol! He's a beast I'll agree with that, but Drew Brees has shined some light in a dark and descolate New Orleans! I would be perfectly happy seeing those two get CO-MVP this season for their accomplishments. Though I would certainly understand if LT runs away with it...

illallowit 12-18-2006 05:21 PM

Yeah as much as I hate to admit it, I don't see anyone in the AFC stopping the Chargers from getting to the SB, and I would consider it a small miracle if the NFC team wins the SB. Which it hurts me to say being a Seattle fan...

bama4256 12-18-2006 05:55 PM

Yeah AFC has kind of ruled the Super Bowls lately.

boston_aloha 12-18-2006 06:01 PM


Originally Posted by illallowit (Post 227516)
Yeah as much as I hate to admit it, I don't see anyone in the AFC stopping the Chargers from getting to the SB, and I would consider it a small miracle if the NFC team wins the SB. Which it hurts me to say being a Seattle fan...

I agree. For a team to beat them they are gonna need some help (fumbles, INT's, etc) I don't think anyone can stop LT.

As for MVP - I was making a case for Brees (like NO would not win without him), but after last night LT is a lock. I was thinking, well San Diego has Rivers, Gates, a good "D", so they would still be a good team with an ok back. but River was horrible last night, just aweful and LT picked up the slack and won the game for them. MVP if I had a vote - no question.

doublee 12-18-2006 07:02 PM

I like the Chargers to come out of the AFC as well but I worry about Schottenheimer finding a way to screw it up again. He seems to have a penchant for not being able to win the big one.

Tomlinson is having the far superior season than Brees is and has his team in position to be the top seed in what is perceived to be the superior conference. Tomlinson is shattering the TD mark and consider this mind-boggling stat: LaDanian Tomlinson has personally scored more touchdowns than 17 other teams this year.

Anthony 12-19-2006 08:19 AM

The AFC is "perceived to be the superior conference"?

Did you have your understatement shoes on when you posted that thought?

Would you believe that the 2-12 Raiders have allowed fewer points (289) than three of the six NFC teams who would make the playoffs if the season ended today (the Eagles and Giants, who have both given up 304, and Seattle, 314)?

bama4256 12-19-2006 11:30 AM

Interesting Anthony.

nojob67 12-19-2006 11:47 AM

That is interesting Anthony. Another similar stat is: of the 6 worst teams in total offense 5 of them are from the AFC. Including the Titans and Bills, who are both still alive for the playoffs.

Is that because they are playing better defenses? Or are the defenses better because they are playing offenses that aren't as good? Or do they both just even out?

boston_aloha 12-19-2006 12:27 PM


Originally Posted by Anthony (Post 227955)
The AFC is "perceived to be the superior conference"?

Did you have your understatement shoes on when you posted that thought?

Would you believe that the 2-12 Raiders have allowed fewer points (289) than three of the six NFC teams who would make the playoffs if the season ended today (the Eagles and Giants, who have both given up 304, and Seattle, 314)?

But what is the AFC vs. NFC record this year thus far? I know I heard Jaws last week saying AFC beat up the NFC this year... I'll dig it up later if no one knows off the top of their head.

bama4256 12-19-2006 12:35 PM

Yeah I'd like to know those stats!

nojob67 12-19-2006 01:00 PM

After looking it up I have found that the AFC currently leads the NFC 37-21 while going 17-4 over the last six weeks. Up until then the 20-17 was looking pretty even, but not so much now.

bama4256 12-19-2006 01:18 PM

I figured the AFC had control. Thanks for the stats.

illallowit 12-19-2006 01:43 PM

Yeah it definatly looked like the NFC might actually make a show out of it at the beginning of the year. What the deuce happened?

PatsFan 12-19-2006 04:24 PM

The AFC is a stronger conference at the top than the NFC. The Chargers,Ravens, Colts, Patriots and two Wild Crads versus the Seahawks, Bears, CowBoys and Saints and two wild cards.You tell me who is a little better than the other.The two AFC WILD Cards could be Bengals and Broncos Jets oe Jags.

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