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Silver Dragon 12-05-2007 12:45 AM

Silver Dragon's Week 14 Picks
Oops, this was a goof!!!

Silver Dragon 12-05-2007 12:46 AM

Silver Dragon's Week 14 Picks
If I thought that I was going down last week, than I had another thing coming. Week 13 proved to be as unlucky as any number 13 can be. I tanked, flopped, sank, bombed, stank, crashed, you got a name for it, I did it last week by finishing 6-10 bringing my season average down below the .600 mark (114-78 (.594)). But thatís OK, just like Minnesota in their 34-0 loss to Green Bay, I will bounce back. Minnesota has since gone on a 3-0 run, guess that means I need to look to finish the season strong. No better way to do it, than to get right to it! Week 14 Picks!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Chicago Bears(5-7) at Washington Redskins(5-7) 8:15PM
I really had expected the Redskins to play hard in memory of Sean Taylor, but the truth of the matter was probably that it was too early. The tragedy shook up the team and probably had them distracted all week, making for a tough game on Sunday. Iíd like to say that this is the game the Skins get back into it, but Iím having my doubts.
Bears win in squeaker, thanks to Devin Hester

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Carolina Panthers(5-7) at Jacksonville Jaguars(8-4) 1:00PM
Wow, did the Panthers finally pull off a one sided win last week at home? Yes, as a matter of fact they did, and I thank them for being one of my very very few wins last week. However, I donít give them a chance against a Jaguar team that almost completed a comeback against Indy last week.
Jaguars win at home

Dallas Cowboys(11-1) at Detriot Lions(6-6) 1:00PM
After the Cowboys were able to take care of business in their match up with Green Bay last week, I find it hard to believe that the Lions will be able to hold them back. After starting the season 6-2, Iím afraid this week will extend their losing streak to five. Sorry Jon Kitna, looks like youíll have to wait till next year for your 10+ win season.
Cowboys continue to dominate the NFC

Miami Dolphins(0-12) at Buffalo Bills(6-6) 1:00PM
After losing two in a row to top notch teams like New England and Jacksonville, the Bills finally recorded a ĎWí in the win column last week against Washington. As for the Dolphins, it looks like they will be on their way to being the only team in history to have two perfect seasons, one perfectly played and one perfectly painful.
Bills donít slack off in front of the home crowd

New York Giants(8-4) at Philadelphia Eagles(5-7) 1:00PM
Even if Donovan McNabb is expected to return for this match up, I wouldnít expect much from him. Heís been a questionable up and down this year and may have a little rust to shake off after his injury. On top of that, the Eagles are only 2-4 at home this season. However, I canít hold a lot of faith in Eli Manning either as we have seen just as many interceptions as touchdown thrown by him this season.
Giants in another close win

Oakland Raiders(4-8) at Green Bay Packers(10-2) 1:00PM
The Packers are coming off a loss that they could have comeback from had they played just a few things differently, but hindsight is always 20/20. This week they should be getting Brett Favre back, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, we can only hope that he sticks with a better game plan this week. His gunslinger attempts at big gains last week resulted in interceptions that got the Packers off to a horrible start. Far be it from me to try and tell Favre how to play his game, but itís been the shorter passing and longer runs by the receivers that got them to 10-1 in the first place. Stay with what works.
Packers win at home, look to rematch with Dallas in the playoffs

San Diego Charger(7-5) at Tennessee Titans(7-5) 1:00PM
Vince Young and the Titans have gotten back on the winning side of the scoreboard as they prepare to host the Chargers this week. Albert Haynesworth will look to test his hand at bringing down LaDainian Tomlinson while Young tries to repeat last weeks throwing performance. This game looks to be pretty evenly matched up, so Iím going to go with the home team.
Titans fend off the Chargers to win two in a row

St. Louis Rams(3-9) at Cincinnati Bengals(4-8) 1:00PM
The Rams have seemed to have some good looking games after the return of Steven Jackson to the line up, but what a mess the quarterback position has become. With Marc Bulgerís neuropsych exam and Gus Frerotteí MRI the Rams may be starting Brock Berlin. This may be a tough week for the Rams.
Bengals take the win at home

Tampa Bay Buccaneers(8-4) at Houston Texans(5-7) 1:00PM
With Houstonís recent losing streak and the possible loss of Matt Schaub with a dislocated left shoulder, the Texans will have their hands full this week as they host the Buccaneers. All isnít lost with Sage Rosenfels, but it canít be said that heís the guy you want behind center when facing any division leader. I wouldnít count the Texans as hopeless for a win, but I wouldnít put money on it.
Buccaneers advance win streak to five

Arizona Cardinals(6-6) at Seattle Seahawks(8-4) 4:05PM
I really canít tell you what to make of the Arizona Cardinals this year. They defeat teams like Pittsburgh and Cleveland, but lose to San Fran twice! This week they are on the road and possibly without both of their top receivers Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin. Kurt Warner will need a lot of supporting help from Edgerrin James in order to pull this one off.
Seahawks take the home win to even up this division series

Minnesota Vikings(6-6) at San Francisco 49ers(3-9) 4:05PM
Tarvaris Jackson looks better every week, and it sure doesnít hurt to have Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor running the ball. With the surging power of these running backs propelling this team through three victories in a row itís possible the Niners might get hurt if they donít move out of the way.
Vikings continue to streak for a playoff spot.

Cleveland Browns(7-5) at New York Jets(3-9) 4:15PM
The Jets looked like a professional football team last week as they rolled their opponent 40-13. Even Thomas Jones was able to find his way into the end zone for the first time as a Jetís player. Of course, it helps when youíre playing 0-12 Miami. The Browns may have stumbled a bit and fell last week in Arizona, but they shouldnít suffer from that problem again this week.
Browns take a win on the road to try and stay behind Pittsburgh

Kansas City Chiefs(4-8) at Denver Broncos(5-7) 4:15PM
Everyone has a bad week and last week Cutler had an awful one. It doesnít matter how good or bad a team is, itís hard to win if you keep giving the ball to your opponent on your side of the field. Add the bit of rust that Travis Henry had to shake off and thereís your lose. This week the Broncos will look to bounce back in hopes for a run (and a little bit of help) to keep them in the shadow of a playoff hope. Minimizing turnoverís and no Devin Hester to kickoff to, the Broncos will find a way to get back on track inside Mile High.
Broncos bounce back

Pittsburgh Steelers(9-3) at New England Patriots(12-0) 4:15PM
Alright, who doesnít think this is a trap pick? With the Patriots coming off two close calls over their last two match ups, this game has to show a light of hope for the Steelers. The run style offense of Pittsburgh with Willie Parker should be able to duplicate Baltimoreís run attack last week and the connection between Ben Roethlisberger and his receivers Santonio Holmes(if he returns) and Hines Ward can offer the opportunity to mimic the Philadelphia air attack displayed by Philly two weeks ago. Add to that the stout defense of Pittsburgh and the possible return of Troy Polamalu and this could be it, but is there really a possibility for an upset?
Time to stick a neck out, Steelers upset Patriots to end their perfect season

Sunday, December 9 2007 Sunday Night Football
*Note: Sunday Night games in Weeks 11-17 subject to change

Indianapolis Colts(10-2) at Baltimore Ravens(4-8) 8:15 PM
Another game that is hard to call after the performance put forth by the Ravens last week against New England when they ALMOST managed the upset. However, after Baltimore had a near victory stolen from them by Cleveland they were routed by San Diego. This week they will repeat the confusing spin after losing the game they should have had by giving up a big game to Peyton Manning and the Colts.
Colts take a win on the road

Monday, December 10, 2007 Monday Night Football

New Orleans Saints(5-7) at Atlanta Falcons(3-9) 8:30PM
New Orleans has lost a few close match ups in recent weeks, but will look to put up some numbers this week on the road in Atlanta. The Falcons have had to struggle through this season in an attempt to regain an identity post-Vick. This week it wonít get any easier as they host the Saints.
Saints march on Monday Night

Well, this concludes yet another week of NFL picks. This week promises to be much better than last week after recording an all-time low. So, in the spirit of improvement, a quote from George Rogers: ďI want to rush for 1,000 or 1,500 yards, whichever comes first.Ē

philabramoff 12-05-2007 11:13 AM


Originally Posted by Silver Dragon (Post 264050)
. Far be it from me to try and tell Favre how to play his game, but itís been the shorter passing and longer runs by the receivers that got them to 10-1 in the first place.

Don't think Brett has much of a choice this week. With that
sore elbow and pulled shoulder, he's not going to be even
able to go downfield very far, even if he wanted to.

Silver Dragon 12-06-2007 08:20 PM

Alright, for simplicity reasons I will post all my picks against the spread at one time this week. Ever since the NFL started the Thursday games this year and I’ve split my ATS picks, my record has tanked! So this week I will pick them all together again. Here they are:
Thursday, December 06, 2007
Chicago Bears +3
Washington Redskins
Sunday, December 09, 2007
Carolina Panthers
Jacksonville Jaguars -11
Dallas Cowboys -11.5
Detroit Lions
Miami Dolphins +7
Buffalo Bills
New York Giants +3
Philadelphia Eagles
Oakland Raiders
Green Bay Packers -11
San Diego Chargers
Tennessee Titans +1.5
St. Louis Rams
Cincinnati Bengals -7
Tampa Bay Buccaneers -3
Houston Texans
Arizona Cardinals +7
Seattle Seahawks
Minnesota Vikings -9
San Francisco 49ers
Pittsburgh Steelers +10
New England Patriots
Cleveland Browns -3.5
New York Jets
Kansas City Chiefs
Denver Broncos -7
Sunday, December 09, 2007 Sunday Night Football
Indianapolis Colts
Baltimore Ravens +10
Monday, December 10, 2007 Monday Night Football
New Orleans Saints -4.5
Atlanta Falcons
Fourth and goal from the 5 with the game on the line,…pass it or run it in?

Marc 12-08-2007 02:58 PM


Originally Posted by philabramoff (Post 264065)
Don't think Brett has much of a choice this week. With that
sore elbow and pulled shoulder, he's not going to be even
able to go downfield very far, even if he wanted to.

If Favre can't throw the long ball, he won't be playing, it would mean he's not healthy enough. The reports I've heard say he was throwing the ball fine in practice. Relax, it's Favre we're talking about...

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