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buckeyefan78 03-05-2003 06:54 PM

Plummer lands in Denver and Boston heads to San Diego.
It's official.

The Broncos have inked Jake " the Snake" Plummer to a 7 year, $40 million deal contract with $13 million worth of guarenteed bonuses to top it off.

David Boston is also in with the Chargers. I am having trouble finding details of his contract, although I know he is getting paid atleast $6 million a year.

As a Bronco fan, I'm happy with this Plummer deal. I've always loved Griese, and actually think he is better than Plummer, but his time in Denver was up and a change was needed if this team ever wants to fulfill it's potential.

Hmmm...Kordell Stewart in Arizona? Where will Griese land? Anyone have an idea on when and how Griese will eventually leave Denver?

poptart 03-05-2003 07:34 PM

Re: Plummer lands in Denver and Boston heads to San Diego.

Originally posted by buckeyefan78
Anyone have an idea on when and how Griese will eventually leave Denver?
When, I don't know.

The HOW will look something like this............

The J 03-05-2003 07:41 PM


Pimpbot 03-05-2003 08:10 PM

Another great day for the Cardinals! :D

As I will be watching their games next year in the stands, I sure hope they sign Emmitt as rumored and Stewart, even though I dont rate Kordell. Time for Billy Bidwell to start spending some cash.

qb_rms 03-06-2003 02:17 AM

Thank God for you pimpbot. You don't like the Cardinals and that is a good thing.

The Cardinals are the laughing stock of the league. Being from Arizona I want them to do well because unfortunately they represent my state. But I still could care less whether or not they win.


Okay, I want them to do well, but I could care less if they lose.

Anthony 03-06-2003 03:59 AM


Originally posted by Pimpbot
Another great day for the Cardinals! :D

As I will be watching their games next year in the stands, I sure hope they sign Emmitt as rumored and Stewart, even though I dont rate Kordell. Time for Billy Bidwell to start spending some cash.

And it's also time for Jeffrey Lurie to do the same. He's already lost Brian Mitchell and Shawn Barber - Mitchell to a division rival - and now the Chargers have beaten him to the punch and signed Boston. Lurie is like Cab Calloway's Minnie the Moocher - he had a million dollars' worth of nickels and dimes; he sat around and counted them all, a million times.

As far as Griese goes, the Broncos are supposedly going to wait until June 1st and then release him; after that, I would say Chicago is a good bet as to where he ends up.

Alex 03-06-2003 06:55 AM

Arizona is pathetic. they had 28,000 for a regular season game last year. even horrible teams draw better than that. Arizona needs to get their act together soon. if the NFL ever returns to LA i hate to say it but chances are the Cards will be attached.

as for today's big signings- i like Plummer to Denver. Plummer wasn't happy in Arizona and the Broncos weren't happy with Brian Greise. i guess 'zona has the option of Greise being Plummer's replacement in "the house of emptiness".

the Boston signing shocked me. the Chargers? i thought Boston would go to a winning team and try for a ring. instead he goes where things seem to get brighter and then come crashing back down to earth at high rates. i was holding out hope Boston would come and help my Packers win. instead he's going to the land of crushed hopes and dreams.

Pimpbot 03-06-2003 07:33 AM

I think I was at that game with 28,000 people. It was against the Lions, but most of the fans were wearing Lions colors!

They are going to build a new stadium out in Glendale. So Billy Bidwell needs to use all that cap money he has floating about to put a product on the field that is going to get the fans interested again and fill those seats. They didnt make much of an effort to keep Boston, but with his questionable conduct from last year, I am not sure personally if I would have wanted to offer him a huge signing bonus and big yearly contract that would hurt the team through the years when he gets himself in more trouble. Hopefully for San Diego, he will grow up and be worth every dollar they have paid for him.

#47 03-06-2003 09:16 AM

'78, I think your going to be much happier with Plummer back there then Griese in the Denver pocket. I know you saidyou thought Griese might be the better player, but personally, I dont think so and I think Plummer will easily prove this.

As a Raider fan I was hoping he wouldnt go to Denver, I believe the Broncs will be much the better for this deal.

And Black Ice, I understand the Packers have history on there side in the debate between SD and GB, but right now, I believe there is more upside presently in SD then in GB. I think Boston made the right choice here.

Alex 03-06-2003 09:44 AM

yes but at least we make the play offs before we decide to hang ourselves. *remembers Jets and Falcons Games, runs away to hide*

Anthony 03-06-2003 10:39 AM

Why the pessimism about the Packers? With another easy schedule next year - in sharp contrast to both the Eagles and the Buccaneers, whose schedule difficulty will be going way up - Green Bay is in prime position to land at least a first-round bye, if not home field throughout in the NFC. If the Packers do no worse than "break even" in free agency (and, it goes without saying, Brett Favre doesn't retire), the road to Super Bowl XXXVIII from the NFC probably goes through the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field.

I OWN THIS 03-06-2003 12:31 PM

We all saw the trend broke in the Frozen tundra last season, and quite frankly I don't like Green Bay's chances next season either. Let them play a somewhat weak NFL schedule, if there is such a thing, and then fall to pieces in the playoffs as they are noted for. Regular season records can only do so much for teams, and the Packers will have to prove themselves in the postseason before I believe in them.

The Chargers do have much more upside than the Packers, #47 was right. Chargers have a young nucleus, and they should make the playoffs this season.

Speaking of the Denver move to get Plummer, I really like this move, and I need to check on their defense especially their secondary....but I would select Denver to be an early pick for the Super Bowl next season from the AFC. They have a great backfield, good receivers...young and old now, mobile Qb who can make plays, and good linebacking play for sure. Of course I picked Denver last season to go to the Super Bowl, and they didn't even make the


buckeyefan78 03-06-2003 12:46 PM

I have a good feeling about Plummer in Denver. I do think he will do well there, I was just saying how I liked Griese and think he will do even better where ever he goes ( even if it is the Bears...LOL) and could have been a great qb in Denver. I think him and Shannahan couldn't get along, so one of them had to go, and the better choice is definitely Griese. It is ok by me, cause like I said, I think for the team to make it to the Super Bowl, they needed a change.

I think you're right though #47, this is a great chance for Plummer to show what he can do with more then just David Boston, a non-extistant running game, and an organization run like a circus ( sorry Cards fans !). I think this is really going to open up the offense and we should see some crazy plays from Denver this year utilizing all this offensive talent they have.

MountaineerDave 03-06-2003 05:17 PM

I'm guessing that Plummer will be in instant hit, or Shanahan will be fired at year's end. I don't know if Plummer's a better QB than Griese; he really hasn't proven anything since his ASU days, except perhaps a penchant for color-blindness and inaccuracy. He had three great to pretty good reciever the last couple years in Boston, Frank Sanders, and MarTay Jenkins, but continued NOT to complete passes. He has tons to prove in Denver. I hope for Broncos' fans' sake, he is willing to prove it.

Griese also has tons to prove. I expect no one will give the asking price for him, so he'll cease being a Bronco on June 1, when he's given his release. If the Broncos reduce their ask price to something like a 4th or 5th round pick, they could create a market for him and actually work several 2nd day picks or a 3rd round pick for him, but I'd be stunned to see him be traded for anything higher than a 3rd rounder.

As for where he'll go: hmmm. Is Baltimore out of the question? They haven't signed Blake yet, and its beginning to look increasingly unlikely that they will, and they need someone to either start or backup Redman. I personally still think Dallas will get him, but Parcells won't overpay for him.

On Blake, by the by, the Steelers are talking to him to backup Tommy. I like the move. I've always been a Blake fan, and would approve of his being a Steeler, and maybe taking the starting job from a backsliding Maddox.


buckeyefan78 03-06-2003 05:58 PM

Where ever Griese ends up, it looks like we will have to wait til June. The trade scenarios you suggested Dave are highly unlikely, like you implicated, and I guess the feeling is he's staying put til June. No one wants to take on his contract, and even the desperate of the desperate are going to wait it out in my opinion.

Baltimore is a good guess, but is Billick willing to wait til June to get him? Parcells, if he really wants him, I think could wait it out. Arizona might actually get him cause their owners don't even give a damn about what happpens, but they won't pay him all that much, but if they are the only ones left in June, he may be stuck into going there.

I'm leary of Blake Dave, no matter where he is. He has one hell of an arm and a heart too. He's been a little inconsistant for my liking, but the stability of the Steelers may be all he's ever really needed. Who knows?

I just have a good feeling on Plummer Dave. Yeah, I know, he's got a rep as being color blind, but I think this move might get his blood pumpin' again. Hopefully it will. I forgot about Sanders, he's a good receiver too. Just like with Blake, a change may be all that stands in the way from becoming a really good qb.

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