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FSUViking 06-07-2003 04:05 PM

Who's gonna be in Nawlins this year?
The Nokia Suger Bowl for the National Championship will consist of whom?

I say Oklahoma and Miami, with OU winning a close game, ala 2000 vs FSU. Stoops is returning 10 starters on a defense that is supposed to be better than the unit from 2000.

I also would cast honorable mentions for K-State, Georgia, USC, and possibly Ohio State....but their schedule is tougher this time around.

I OWN THIS 06-07-2003 09:39 PM

Tough question this early, but hey I will play the game.

Miami Cocaines vs. Texas Longhorns

Now I know I am gonna get some attention for that selection, since almost everyone knows a Mac Brown coached team can never win it all. Well I never said the Longhorns would win it all, for they won't, but they will play for the National Championship coming out of the brutal Big 12. Miami will steal the cake though, and the ice cream as well.

Other teams who I almost put in there to play Miami were....

Michigan, just because their schedule plays in their hands. They have Ohio State and Notre Dame at home this year. The don't play Penn State or Wisconsin as well.

Ohio State....This team would be a logical choice, but they play at Wisconsin, Penn State, and Michigan. Plus, OSU has games against Washington and N.C. State outside of the conference. I just don't see them getting through that schedule umblemished.

Oklahoma, well I would have OU in the National title game, but I am banking on Texas upsetting them this season.

Auburn, a great team this year, but with all the rivalries within the SEC, someone will trip them up.

USC has a great chance of sweeping through the Pac 10 without a loss, but I think Auburn gets them opening game.

Va Tech plays Miami, so that knocks them out.

K State has to play at Texas, so there is their downfall.

Now the bashing of my selection may


Alex 06-08-2003 09:27 AM

i'm thinking Miami and Oklahoma will meet in NO. OSU you will be elimanated when they get stunned by PSU in Happey Valley. i believe OU and UM will be undefeated and that Oklahoma will shut down the Miami offense in the Sugar Bowl and beat them 13-10. Oklahoma has a great defense and as the saying goes- defense wins championships. in this case it will.

FSUViking 06-08-2003 12:55 PM

Dave, damn man....I forgot all about Auburn! They are getting a ton of pre-season hype. They could definatley be there.

I'll also throw in the DARKEST of the dark horses.........Pitt. They almost beat Miami last year IN Coral Gables and they are in most Pre-Season Top 10's and they have Miami and Va Tech IN Pittsburgh this season.

Plus, I'm pulling for fellow Minneapolis native Larry Fitzgerald Jr.;)

tigereyes33 06-08-2003 08:13 PM

I am going to say that it is going to be VT vs. Auburn. Virginia Tech is in a weak conference and I think they'll beat Miami at home, they just need to get past Pitt. And I think Auburn has a tough schedule, but a type of team that is hard to upset because they do not rely on the pass, and I don't think anyone can stop their offense and their D is one of the best in the country.

I OWN THIS 06-08-2003 09:54 PM

33, how did I know you were going to pick But I think you have a good claim there. If we just look back at last season, Ohio State won it all with a good running game and excellent defense. Auburn, as you stated, will have both of those this season. Auburn will need their Qb to make the occasional play like Krenzel did for Ohio State last season.

Purple, I thought about putting Pitt in my first post, but I just don't think they are there as a program yet. I would love to see an underdog/dark horse like Pitt win it all though. Fitzgerald, while having to play 2 more seasons before he can enter the NFL, when he does enter the draft he should be either the #1 or #2 pick.

Va Tech does have the capability of beating Miami, but I am not sure Va Tech's defense will be near as good as it was in the late 90's. Kevin Jones is a wonderful tailback for the Hokies, but the Miami Cocaines have 2 great linebackers, all their secondary players coming back, and Frank Gore Kellen Winslow Jr on offense. I just don't think Va Tech can pull that off, but they almost upset Miami 2 years ago in Blacksburg. Hokie fans might be able to get them over the hump this year in that game.

If it did come down to Auburn vs. Va Tech, I would take Auburn in that game for no other reason than they are an SEC team, and the SEC needs to bring one home this year.


MountaineerDave 06-09-2003 04:23 PM

Texas has a HUGE question mark at QB this year. Try again next year to beat OU. Not this year. Not this decade, but... no to Texas.

Miami doesn't have the burden of QB issues, Berlin having been an on and off starter for Spurrier the QB Switcher. Berlin's a decent QB, and Crudup apparently strong enough in the spring game to make it a close race.

I think there's some potential of an SEC team making the game with one loss, but I really don't buy this Auburn thing. Don't be surprised to see Tennessee make a run this season, as long as they stay healthy. Georgia's also strong enough to make a run, but I don't believe in the Dawgs, either.

I figure OU will run the table, and it won't matter who they play in the Sugar Bowl. HOWEVER, I like Michigan or Ohio State as decent matchups against them. I think OU will win, health as an important caveat, and it doesn't matter much who they play.

Virginia Tech's non-conference schedule is too weak to get them into the top 2, even if they beat Miami. The only team of value that they play out of conference is Texas A&M, with this year looking a bit down from last year for the Big East. Miami could be a lesser team, WVU will be down. Pitt is the strongest contender, in my mind, to the Miami-Virginia Tech 1-2 duology.


tigereyes33 06-09-2003 05:06 PM

We'll see. I don't really get why everyone is so high on Texas. They have to play in the Big 12 and more specifically Oklahoma. And Texas will not have a developed enough offense to beat OU. And I think that OU's secondary is in question. They just got torched against Oklahoma State and Texas A&M. People are saying stuff like this is the best defense college football has seen in five years, and they've had their question marks. And their offense should be far from great. I think they are overrated. I look for them to lose 2 or 3 next year. The same goes for Miami. Their defense looked pretty awful against Virginia Tech last year and that was at home. They were lucky they had all of that offensive fire power. And would people please stop making a big deal about their tight end. He is just a tight end. He is not going to win half their games for them. He might only win 2 or 3 if he's amazing. People are acting like he will win the Heisman or something. Then they should have a good running back (or so I've heard), and if the QB steps up they will have a pretty good team. So maybe they could escape out of the weak Big East undefeated again because they get alot back on defense, but I do not see them winning the Sugar Bowl or any other BCS bowl game. I think they will be beaten if they play a good team in a BCS game.

And I can't see Ohio State going undefeated. Lots of people are putting them repeating because they return their whole offense, but the offense was not the reason that they ran the table. It was the defense, and the defense loses some key guys. So, maybe Michigan could sneak into the Sugar Bowl or a BCS bowl out of the Big Ten.

tigereyes33 06-09-2003 05:25 PM

I found some VERY EARLY bowl projections. It has a matchup I would love to see... OSU vs. Auburn, but in which bowl?
Check it out.

bowl projections

MountaineerDave 06-09-2003 05:55 PM

Good call on the OU secondary, 33. They did get torced several times last year, yet Texas didn't take advantage because Brown is an idiot in the games that matter, despite having better overall personnel to torch the OU secondary than either team who did it do.


I OWN THIS 06-09-2003 06:35 PM

33, they have Auburn playing Ohio State in the Orange Bowl.

It also looks like according to that web site that 33 posted, I am not the only one who thinks Miami will be playing Texas for all the marbles. All you guys have made very good points as to why Texas will not get there, and past history would say I should agree, but I am going against the trends and picking Texas to take the Big 12, then lose to Miami in the Sugar Bowl.

Michigan has the best chance to get to the Sugar Bowl from where I see it, but they have Lloyd Carr and John Navarre at Qb, and when I think about that combo I think worse things than most of you do when compared to Sims and Mac Brown when they were a combo at Texas.


MountaineerDave 06-09-2003 06:47 PM


Originally posted by I OWN THIS

Michigan has the best chance to get to the Sugar Bowl from where I see it, but they have Lloyd Carr and John Navarre at Qb, and when I think about that combo I think worse things than most of you do when compared to Sims and Mac Brown when they were a combo at Texas.


Sounds like reason enough to rank on Michigan to me, Joey. I'm with you there. The Michigan running game took a LONG time to get on track last year. A team making a national title run won't have that opportunity. And, while I'm not a big Carr basher, I don't really like what I've seen of Navarre in any way. Add to that the fact that Mock is going to have a better crew of WRs, and I suppose I'd give Texas a leg up on Michigan, but... I just don't buy Texas over OU. Let's just say I'll have to see it to believe it.


I OWN THIS 06-09-2003 06:54 PM

I am interested to see how the OU running game fairs without Mr dependable Quentin Griffin running all of those draws. I know they have some talented running backs to take Griffin's place, but that draw play and the running game at OU is very important to their success as well.

One really can't be all that much sold on OU's Qb situation either. Yes, they do have the experience, but I really think Griffin was the key to OU's offense over the last 2 years. Griffin and OU's running game, allowed sub par Qbs to have decent success at OU.

OU, I am sure will be favored by many to win the Big 12 and beat Texas, but for some reason I just have a gut feeling this year that Texas will actually beat OU.


FSUViking 06-09-2003 07:46 PM

WOW!!!!!!!!! :spit:

The Gophers vs Florida in the Outback Bowl?!?! Man alive, I know a lot of prognosticators have us doing well and even playing on New Years Day....but GEEZ! :cheers:

Anyways, how about a team like N.C. State?

This year seems really wide open. The last two years you could have bet the farm on Miami being there, but this year it's anybody's guess.

tigereyes33 06-09-2003 08:08 PM

I know it had Auburn vs. OSU in the Orange Bowl, I was just trying to build suspense to try and get people to look at the link. I'm not that stupid.

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