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Classof11buckI 11-30-2003 02:12 AM

Heismem Quarterback curse.
The last three years the bcs NC game featured a Heismen trophy winning Quarterback, there team lost all there of those games starting with Florida St. and Weinkie, the it was Crouch and Nebraska, then Dorsey and Miami. So if White wins does it spell doom for Oklahomo. We also know that most heismen trophy quarterbacks who go to the Nfl never live up to much.

Aristides 11-30-2003 12:19 PM

I don't believe in curses or any type of magical links that determine the winners of games. If that was true then I would have bet my life savings on the OSU/UM game because Michigans horse won and the winner of that race has determined the winner of the The Big One in what is now the past 6 years.

Coincidences, sometimes odd, are still coincidences.

Cowboy22 11-30-2003 03:33 PM

You also have to consider that besides Dorsey and Miami, the other two were picked to lose. I had Nebraska getting whooped exactly as they had (for they did not deserve that NC appearance). I also had FSU losing by at least 14 to Oklahoma, and well, they did a lil' better than i had expected. As for Miami, I had a 6 point nailbiter victory for them. It turned into a bit more than a nailbiter and a OSU win.

Who knows though. USC is a prime candidate to knock off Oklahoma. And the Sooners can't overlook K-State. So anything can happen.

atllonghorn 11-30-2003 06:58 PM

I agree that K-State is not a cakewalk. They slipped up a bit this year due to injuries, but they're no slouch. The Mike Stoops to Arizona story is also something of a distraction.

That said, OU is the best-coached team I've seen in quite some time, and that starts at the top. They're still odds-on favorties to win. I'd give anything for Texas and OU to trade head coaches.

There is one superstitious point that is not in OU's favor, but it's not about Jason White winning the Heisman. They haven't really had any close calls other than a relatively close game early against Alabama. I don't think you can dominate every single game in a season, and if they come out mediocre against a top-flight team like USC or LSU, they will lose. Conversely, if they came out mediocre against, say, A & M, they would still have gotten the W.

If you look at the last three years, we've had undefeated national champs. However, OU in 2000 had close calls against A & M and OK State, Miami in 2001 had close calls against BC and Virginia Tech, and The Buckeyes had close games against everyone last year, it seemed. I just think OU is due for a bad game, and Bob Stoops better do everything he can to keep that from happening.

I OWN THIS 12-01-2003 03:01 PM

Cowboy, FSU was favored to win that game over OU for the 2000 season, so Weinke was supposed to win that game. Speaking of which, Weinke was horrible that night, as FSU didn't even score an offensive point.

Class, Dorsey never won the Heisman, so he can't be in the mix here, as Carson Palmer won it last year.

Crouch should have never won the heisman, but I won't get into that, but I do know that college football wants their heisman trophy winner to play in the national championship game so they can have that feel good story of....Heisman winner and National Champion. The last player to complete that feat was Charles Woodson in 1997.

Good point longhorn about OU not really playing close games, and one wonders how they would react under crunch time pressure situations. They may not have to play under crunch time if they continue to blast all their opponents, but I would love to see if they could prevaill in the clutch in a close game vs. a strong opponent.


Gohawks 12-01-2003 05:22 PM

Texas is overated!!!! What is so wrong about the coach Texas has now????Its not that he chokes in big games its that his players dont exucute.

Gohawks 12-01-2003 05:26 PM

Brad banks should have won last year.

Alex 12-01-2003 08:03 PM


Originally posted by Gohawks
Brad banks should have won last year.
Really? Why?

Carson Palmer went from being a recruited bust to the #1 pick in the NFL draft. Larry Johnson overcame being buried on the depth chart for 3 seasons to rush for 2000+ yards. Both of them IMO had way better seasons than Banks. Banks had a good season in his own right but he did not deserve the Heisman Trophy.

atllonghorn 12-01-2003 09:28 PM

If top flight players don't execute, it's because of poor coaching. A coach's job is to get his team mentally and strategically prepared for a game, and to show poise and conifdence in tense situations during a game. Mack Brown has a proven track record of doing neither.

atllonghorn 12-01-2003 09:34 PM

I'll save my analysis of whether or not Texas is overrated until after our BCS bowl. I am quite confident that we would measure up aginst Gerogia, Tennessee, Ohio Sate, Florida State, or Miami, however. USC I'm not so sure about, though the Pac-10 is relatively soft this year. LSU is pretty scary, though we beat them last year in the Cotton Bowl.

bama4256 12-02-2003 12:31 PM

Yeah Steve Spurrier was a bust in the pros after winning the Heisman. Many are for some reason.

MountaineerDave 12-02-2003 04:18 PM

Longhorn, are you forgetting the homefield ass-kickin' delivered by the Hogs of Arkansas? The game that set the tone, mostly rightly, from what little Longhorns football I've seen, for Texas being too soft?

I think Mack Brown does two things wrong. Longhorn hit on one. The other is gameplanning. If the gameplan stinks, then no matter the execution, you lose. Brown can't gameplan for the really big games at all. And then there's the in-game stuff. I don't know about Brown's in-game management, but failures there (if any) can NEVER be ignored.


Classof11buckI 12-02-2003 09:44 PM

Did I say Ken Dorsey won the Heismen, opps I screwed that up.

bama4256 12-03-2003 01:38 PM

poor Eric Crouch of Nebraska couldn't make it either.

Classof11buckI 12-03-2003 08:56 PM

I dont really think there are Heismen Quarterbacks that make it in the nfl, there isnt really anybody.

Marc 12-08-2003 05:50 PM

Well, I think you can slide Jason White down the list with OU's big loss at K-State ... who emerges as the frontrunner now?

Classof11buckI 12-11-2003 10:06 AM

Im surprised B.J Simmons isn't getting more consideration for the heismen, his state are better that Whites.

MountaineerDave 12-11-2003 01:08 PM

Saturday's invitees are Perry (dubious top four finish, I think), White (he couldn't drop from the top five, no matter how badly he played v KSU), Manning (maybe the big winner when it's all said and done), and Fitzgerald (his Soph status didn't keep him out of NY, but it'll keep him from winning this award.... I think.)


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