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Tarkus 02-06-2008 08:24 PM


Originally Posted by jamesfeger (Post 271003)
Maybe I can help you out;)

What part of which post was confusing for you? I mean the ones that contained Rocball competitive descriptions of course.

Actually you lost me at the title of the thread...:P

Like I said before...props for your whole layout but man, this is like taking a test with so much info to read. Problem with me is I always hated tests.

Good luck tho...:thumbup:

jamesfeger 02-07-2008 04:36 PM


Originally Posted by Tarkus (Post 271073)
Actually you lost me at the title of the thread...:P

Like I said before...props for your whole layout but man, this is like taking a test with so much info to read. Problem with me is I always hated tests.

Good luck tho...:thumbup:

I was going to write in volleyball/soccer as the title. That is what it is known by on other forums. There is a history to the sport and the disagreements with the Federation International de Volleyball (FIVB) that go back a few years.

Rocball is the first team net sport of its kind to develope offensive and defensive scoring. Volleyball's old scoring system use to be called side-out. It was a scoring system that only allowed the service team to score points,

The FIVB changed the scoring system to rallypoint scoring that allowed both teams to score off serve and during volley in 1995. There particular system of scoring under rallypoint sissified the sport.

Rocball was developed in 1981 and has been organized and played as a league and sporting event for 25 years. I wrote to FIVB and introduce the concept of offensive and defensive scoring on numerous occassions back in the 8os. Rocball came up on CNN's World Report in 1993 & 1994 as the Micronesian team net sport. In 1995, the FIVB adopted the concept of rallypoint which is a diluted version of our indigenous sport of Rocball.

There is a lot more and what the significant differences are that separate Rocball from the anemic value of rallypoint volleyball.

So! this thread should be titled Rocball or volleyball/soccer. The court od play looks like a volleyball court with smaller soccer goal post.

jamesfeger 02-10-2008 03:23 AM

No-Use squeaks by Evenflow

In the first of the best of five games to determine which team is the best in the world, No-Use edged out Evenflow 89 to 88 in four sets for a first game juice-out victory in Rocball. :)

In the first set, No-Use dominated play with seven two pointers compared to Evenflow scoring only 3 two point plays and losing 3 of those points off shank serves. No-Use went on to take the first set 26 – 14.

In the second set, Evenflow got even and one better by knocking off No-Use 27 -14. Evenflow’s second set scoring efforts was without a service shank, they scored 6 two point plays ands a three point goal. No-Use was held to four 2 points play and remained service error free. ;)

At the end of two sets of play, the games points were 41 to 40 in favor of Evenflow. Both teams played hard offense and defense with Evenflow coming out on top with two three point goals, four two point plays, and no shank serves. No-Use played solid with a lot of one point court scoring, five two point plays, and a shanked served that cost them the set. Evenflow won the third set 25 – 24.

The score going into the final set of regular play had Evenflow at a two point advantage 66 – 64. In order to juice out and win a Rocball game under the rules of a quarter/set system of play, a team needs to have outscored their opponents in game points after four sets and win the fourth set for victory.

Evenflow flow needed to hold onto their game point lead to win the first championship game and No-Use had to win the fourth set with a game point margin of 3 points or more.

Evenflow scored five two point plays and lost two points on shank serves. No-Use scored seven two point plays made no service errors and won the fourth set with just enough points 25 -22 to edge out Evenflow in game points 89 – 88. :redhot:

Rocball Championship competition continues on Saturday, Feb. 16th with game two scheduled for 6:00 pm and game three at 7:30 pm.

In the game which decided the positions of third and fourth place, No-Mercy defeated the Try-Outs in four sets in a come from behind win to clinch the third spot. This game was tight in all four sets of play up to the fourth set. The Try-Outs won the first three sets, 21 – 19, 26 – 19, and 23 – 22 and had a ten point lead going into the last set.

No-Mercy needed a margin of 11 point in the fourth set to juice out and win the game. No-Mercy scored 22 points in the last set and held the Try-Outs to only 9 point for a 82 – 79 juice-out win. :D

Tarkus 02-10-2008 05:03 PM

Finally took the time to look up more on Rocball & James & lo & behold, found a wealth of info & dedication. Interesting stuff once you get the picture. Props once again, James, for all the effort & vision. I can see you're not a nut after all. ;) :D Please excuse us 1 celled organisms for our flippancy...

Thanks for bringing some actual substance to SC. Keep fighting the good fight.

I don't know if this is a current logo I found but it was sharp nonetheless:

jamesfeger 02-11-2008 04:04 PM


Originally Posted by Tarkus (Post 271349)
Finally took the time to look up more on Rocball & James & lo & behold, found a wealth of info & dedication. Interesting stuff once you get the picture. Props once again, James, for all the effort & vision. I can see you're not a nut after all. ;) :D Please excuse us 1 celled organisms for our flippancy...

Thanks for bringing some actual substance to SC. Keep fighting the good fight.

I don't know if this is a current logo I found but it was sharp nonetheless:

Thanks Tarkus,

Thanks for taking the time to look into Rocball and the exposure of our logo. The logo on our web site is about ten yeras old. I've modified it by making it wider. Otherwise the design is the same.

If you would are interested, we do have Rocball jerseys with logo. And, if you would like one, send me your address on the "private message" and I'll send you one free of charge. I've done the same for individuals in England, Australia, in the states to Michigan, Florida, and Mass.

jamesfeger 02-15-2008 09:01 AM


It will be in the mail by early next week. And, thanks again Tarkus. The following will explain the shirt.

The Rocball Shirt of Oceana

The bird of prey on the back is a personal view on a legendary bird of prey called a Roc (Rocball). You can look it up on the Internet. It is described by many different cultures/civilizations, but most notable in the tales of Sinbad the Sailor. (In India it was referred to as the “Firebird” and in American Native folklore, it was called a “Thunderbird”).

"The Land of MU" as legend would have it, and you can find this on the Internet, is a lost continent of the Pacific Ocean region that extended north to Hawaii, south to Fiji, east to the Easter islands, and west to the Marianas.

"The Myth of Vim" is that people who use to live on the lost continent of Mu had no way of naturally dying, “People there do not die but from the satiety of living. After a festive banquet, full of joy of old age, the one who wants to die jumps into the seas from a lofty rock. Such is for them the happiest way to die”.

THe red ball of graphics between the upper wings of the Roc is reminiscence of the Aztec Sun Stone. The Red oval between the lower wings represents the wind, waves, islands, and the seven phases of the moon.

The oval shaped design below the Roc is "Navigo". Navigo is Latin for navigator. The navigator symbolizes the intellectual skills of the island cultures/civilizations. To view the mask/face of the navigator, turn the shirt upside down and see it as viewed by the Roc logo.

Under the right sleeve are the four major island groups not part of the Federated States of Micronesia, but are in Micronesia. The large circle is Saipan and the smaller circles from left to right are Guam, Palau, and Marshall.

Under the left sleeve are the four major island groups that make up the Federated States of Micronesia. The Large circle is Chuuk (once known as Truk), and the smaller circles from left to right are Kosrae, Yap, and Pohnpei.

On the front of the you can see that is self-explanatory. But:

Rocball is a game derivative of volleyball, with its roots of play founded in a sport once played by athlete/warriors of the Aztec Civilization called Tlachtli. (You can look up Tlachtli on the internet. It was the first team sport ever played with a rubber ball). And, it is the sport from which basketball and volleyball originated.

Oceana Sport: Oceana is made up of the four geographical areas of Polynesia, Melanesia, Australasia, and Micronesia. Rocball is the first team net sport of its kind to revolt from the traditional volleyball rules of play. Rocball is the first team net sport of its type to develop and incorporate offensive and defensive scoring, hitting and kicking, backcourt scoring, multiple point scoring, penalty points, and vertical areas of play (goals). Rocball originated on the island of Saipan, CNMI as a Physical Education project. The year 2008 is Rocball’s 25th anniversary as a seasonal sport’s event. Rocball is the CNMI Public School System’s longest uninterrupted extra curricular sport’s activity.

jamesfeger 02-16-2008 09:50 PM

Evenflow and No-Use Split Double Hitter

On Saturday night, No-Use and Evenflow split a double hitter in the best of a five game championship series in Rocball. On Feb. 18th, President’s Day, Evenflow and No-Use will continue their competition of the world title for the sport of Micronesia.

No-Use won game one last week and was only a game away from winning the world title Saturday night’s double hitter. But, Evenflow won game three and forced at least one more game to determine which team has the right of closure. If No-Use can defeat Evenflow in game four they become the 2008 Rocball Champions. If Evenflow wins game four, then there will be another double hitter played out on Monday night to determine which team takes home the trophy.:)

In the first game of Saturday night No-Use juiced Evenflow in four sets 106 to 95. Evenflow won the first set 27 to 25 and No-Use won the second set 28 to 26. The difference of play in the third set came from David Tisa of No-Use with a three point play and a few shank serves by Evenflow. The score after two sets of the first game was tied 53 to 53 going into the third set.

In the third set, No-Use opened up an eight point lead by winning the third set 27 to 19 and finished the set with 80 game points to Evenflows 72 game points. In order to win the first game, No-Use only had to win the fourth set. Evenflow needed to win the fourth set with a nine point margin to win the game or win the set with less than nine points to send the game into over time.

In the fourth set, No-Use and Evenflow played tight offense and defense, there were no shank serves, neither team got xunked, and no goals were scored. But, No-Use outscored Evenflow in two point plays 7 to 5, and won the set 26 to 23 for the game. ;)

In the second game, Evenflow and No-Use fought out a psychological game of will power with Evenflow squeaking out a first set 25 to 24 win. No-Use scored a three point play and six two point plays in the first set. Evenflow mixed up their game with kills and dinks, scored five two point plays and won the set on one point court plays.

In the second set, Evenflow stayed with their game plan, mixed up their plays, scored four two point plays, and out court played No-Use one point at a time 13 to 3 and No-Use only scored three two points plays in the second set.

In the third set, Evenflow jumped out to a 10 to 0 lead before No-Use was able to score a point. Evenflow went on to take another large lead in the second set 20 to 12 before No-Use was able to make a modest comeback of 12 to 20. And, when No-Use started to score, Enenflow lost a little confidence, choked, and shanked 4 serves before they finished their third set win 27 to 19.

No-Use was trailing Evenflow 61 to 78 going into the fourth set and would have had to win the fourth set by a margin of 18 points to win game three. With that kind of point spread, No-Use’s only hope of winning game three was to win the fourth set by any margin, block Evenflow from juicing out, and force the game into overtime. But, Evenflow postured for victory and wouldn’t be denied. When the score of the fourth set was 10 to 8 in favor of Evenflow, Terson Eina of No-Use shocked Evenflow with a three point goal that gave his team a temporary lead at 11 to 10.

Evenflow rebounded off the No-Uses’s three point play with a two point backcourt score that put them back in the lead 12 to 11. Then Typhoon Saito of Evenflow exploded off a net kill for a three point goal to increase Evenflows lead 15 to 11. After Typhoon’s goal, Evenflow tighten up their defense and went on to close out the fourth set 25 to 13 to win game three. :cool:

jamesfeger 02-22-2008 08:18 PM

Evenflow wins 2008 Rocball Championship:thumbup:

After four months of competition, 18 teams, 140 players, and 70 games, Evenflow, after losing games one and two in a best of five game series for the World Rocball Championship, came from behind and defeated team No-Use in games three, four, and five to emerge as the 2008 Rocball Champions.:cool:

No-Use had a chance to knock off Evenflow and win the championship in the fourth game when they lead Evenflow in game points 75 to 65 at the end of the third set of play. In order to win the game and the championship, all No-Use had to do was win the set. In order for Evenflow to block No-Use from juicing out and sending the game into overtime, Evenflow had to win the fourth set with by any margin less than 11 points.

In order for Evenflow to win the fourth game and force a fifth game for the championship, Evenflow needed to win the fourth set of the fourth game by 11 or more points. No-Use won first set 25 to 16, Evenflow won the second set 27 to 25, and No-Use won the third set, 25 to 22; Evenflow was in trouble. No-Use didn’t have a reputation of losing sets by a double digit number.:mad:

In the fourth set, Evenflow had the serve and scored 11 points before No-Use was able to score and take control of the serve. But, Evenflow played hard defense and made a lot of two point backcourt plays and a three point goal to shut down No-Use’s scoring power and went on to win the fourth set with 25 to 11. Evenflow’s fourth set win of 25 to 11 gave them a 14 point margin win of the fourth set, and enough to juice out and win game four.:)

In the fifth and final game of the series, No-Use came out strong and slammed Evenflow in the first set 26 to 12. N0-Use had 14 point lead going into the second set when it seemewd as though the floor dropped out from under them. In the second set, Evenflow was in the grove, they defeated No-Use 25 to 4. The second set victory put Evenflow on top at 37 to 30.

In the third se of game five, Evenflow had a 19 to 9 lead and ran out of gas. No-Use came from behind and tied the score 19 to 19. No-Use took the lead on a two point backcourt score 21 to 19. But, No-Use shanked a serve, lost a point, and Evenflow picked up momentum, regained the lead at 21 to 20, and fought their way to a 25 to 23 third set win.:(

In the final set of the 2008 Rocball Championship series of play, Evenflow took an early lead and extended the difference between scores 18 to 6 and looked like they were going to glide into a victory. But, No-Use didn’t cave in, and behind a series of two point backcourt scoring by J.R. Rudolph, made a strong comeback and closed the point difference to just 4 points at 25 to 21.

No-Use fought hard to gain the lead, but Evenflow wouldn’t submit and hung on to finally win the fourth set and juice out No-Use at 34 to 26 for the set, for the game, and for the Championship Title. ;)

The MVP award for the year 2008 went to Typhoon Saito of Evenflow who scored 10 two point aces, 30 two point backcourt scores, and 3 three point goals in the final five games of the year. :cool:

jamesfeger 02-25-2008 01:29 AM

Marianas Cup attracts crowd

By Jon Perez

A sizeable crowd enjoyed three days of beach volleyball action over the weekend in the 16th Annual Marianas Cup Beach Volleyball Festival at Pacific Islands Club sand courts.

The Marianas Cup, Micronesia's longest-running beach volleyball event, began Friday afternoon with the eight professional players teaching a small group of youngsters and beach volleyball enthusiasts in a clinic.

The clinic, organized in part by the Northern Mariana Islands Volleyball Association, gave local beach volleyball players the chance to learn from some of the best professional spikers.

Team U.S.A. waved their flag high in the exhibition match as pros Phil Dalhausser and regular Marianas Cup teammate Paul Baxter defeated Japan's Shinya Hata and new partner Yoshiumi Hasegawa in the men's side, while Jenn Snyder and Janelle Koester downed the Korean pair of Jeeyeun Han and Ji Youn June.

Pool play in the men's and women's class began on Saturday where a total of 41 teams in both divisions battled each other in a single-elimination format. The top teams in their respective pools in both divisions advanced to the double-elimination phase of the tournament yesterday.

After two days of intense battle on the sand court, Japan's Miki and Chie won the women's title by foiling the title defense of Italy's Federica Tonon and new partner Dawn of Hawaii.

The Japanese duo dived and scrambled for every ball in order to return the consistent attacks made by their opponents inside the court. In the end the Japanese celebrated with a 15-9 win to claim the bragging rights of the Queen of the sand courts for the 2008 edition.

The finals in the men's divisions was still being played at press time after a 30-minute rain delayed the women's match.

As of press time, defending champion Daisuke Matsumoto and Shigekazu Fujimatsu were playing Hamaguchi and Hatabe in an all-Japan semifinal with the winner facing 2004 winners Paul Baxter and Richard Steele.

Baxter and Steele were undefeated in the entire tournament and even pulled off a hard-earned 25-24 win over the duo of Baxter and Chris Nelson in the quarterfinals.

Hamaguchi and Hatabe then faced Baxter and Nelson in the loser's bracket with the former scoring a 15-9 win to earn the right of facing Matsumoto and Fujimatsu in the semis.

More than 90 players from Hawaii, California, Japan, Guam, Korea, Italy, Russia, and the CNMI have already participated in the Marianas Cup in the last three years.

The event is approved by the FIVB and USA Volleyball and is listed in the FIVB website as a country-against-country tournament.

jamesfeger 02-28-2008 04:28 PM

Kelley Butcher, right, and US pro Janelle Koester in action in last weekend’s 16th Marianas Cup Beach Volleyball Festival on the PIC sandcourt. Photos by Roselyn B. Monroyo

CNMI Sports

Cramer hopes Marianas Cup to be part of Asian beach volleyball Tour

By Samantha Critchell
Variety News Staff

THE 16th Marianas Cup Beach Volleyball Festival was the last for Jon Cramer, as the PIC Saipan Sports and Entertainment Activities Director will be leaving Saipan at the end of this month to work for PIC Guam in the same capacity.

Cramer will be leaving his home for about 13 years and after being part of organizing committee of the Marianas Cup for more than 10 years.

When he leaves, he hopes PIC and the Northern Mariana Islands Volleyball Association will continue holding the Marianas Cup and that the annual event someday will be part of the Asian beach volleyball Tour.

“My ultimate goal is to make Marianas Cup part of an Asian beach volleyball tour. There are stops already in Indonesia, Japan, China and other places, but none really in the Oceania region,” said Cramer, who became the main organizer of the event in 1999.

“I have always envisioned the Marianas Cup as being the stop for Oceania. Bringing the pros out and getting FIVB and USA volleyball to sanction the event this year was a huge step,” the NMIFA president said.

Last weekend’s Marianas Cup brought professional players from Japan, Korea and the U.S. with AVP Tour champion and Most Valuable Player Phil Dalhauser leading the list. The past editions of the Marianas Cup also drew players from other parts of the world. “Hopefully, PIC and NMIVA can work together to keep the event rolling. Not to knock any of the other events, but my opinion is that this event is the best for fans to really see the action,” he said.

“The players are right in front of you and very accessible. They don’t leave the site and during the match you can watch them up close and feel the intensity more than many of the events held here. Volleyball is on the rise as a sport worldwide and it shouldn’t be any different on Saipan,” Cramer added.

Aside from organizing the Marianas Cup, Cramer was also a competitor in the doubles division teaming up with NMI coach Russ Quinn and last weekend’s festivities will be one of his memorable competitions on Saipan.

“I haven’t played in it for several years, so that was really special, especially since I played with my good friend and the god father of my children, Russ Quinn. He always has fun and makes you feel at ease out there. Even when he throws his hat at me,” Cramer said.

Last weekend’s Marianas Cup drew 104 participants, a record in the 16 stagings of the event and Cramer thanked everybody who made the tournament a success.

“The event was as smooth as always. The sponsors came up big like always. The Sports, Entertainment and Activities staff who work at PIC were tremendous in the preparation and in the execution of the event. The F&B staff was fabulous. The engineering/landscaping team made the place look great. No one can put on an event like PIC does, not just volleyball. There were some minor issues with brackets or people being upset over calls, but that comes with the territory. Overall the players, pro and amateur, seemed very pleased,” Cramer said.

jamesfeger 03-01-2008 10:44 PM


The long sleeve style of shirt I sent you should arrive this coming week. It's the same shirt given to the Pro-Volleyball players at the Marianas Beach Volleyball Cup.

The Rocball (volleyball/soccer) players of Saipan who participated in the Marianas Beach Volleyball Cup, gifted the U.S.A , Japanese, and Korean Pro-Volleyball players's with long sleeve Rocball Jerseys including a 12 inch Rocball logo as a part of the silk screen and ink print shirts.

U.S.A....Phil Dalhausser....Paul Baxter....Jenn Snyder....Janelle Koester

Japan....Shinya Hata....Yoshiumi Hasegawa

Korea....Jeeyeun Han....Ji Youn June

Tarkus 03-04-2008 07:04 PM

It's fantastic, James

Thanks again & keep up the posting. :thumbup:

jamesfeger 03-21-2008 06:26 PM

Service Fun

Some of the volleyball rocball players were practicing service the other night. Which in of itself isn't unusual. But, this practice session got my immediate attention. :eek:

As I stepped out of my office one night during our Safe Haven Program, I heard a lot of yelling, laughing, and screaming out on the main floor of the gym. When I came out of the hallway and was looking out on the floor, there were four guys laying down on the floor on the opposite side of the volleyball/rocball court from where another person was serving.

The four on the floor had made a kind of square with everybody having there heads pointed inwards. The the space open between their heads was the traget area of the server. There was maybe about a four to six foot square in which the server was trying to hit the ball into.:cool:

As you would expect, the boys on the floor had their hands over their heads and their eyes wide open looking at the server and judging the flight of the ball.

Later, the boys moved around and kneeled down with their buttocks up and their heads pointed opposite of the server in a straight line in the back court,and the server was trying to serve the ball inbetween the spaces of each of the boys on court.

They were doing these kind of service practice games until the gym closed, and had a good time doing it. :D

Tarkus 03-22-2008 08:54 PM


Creative boys, James

You should get some video to go along with these posts. I'm sure it would be something to see...:thumbup:

jamesfeger 04-01-2008 07:39 AM

A group of high school students from Tokyo Maritime High School, Japan came down and learned how to play Rocball. This is the third group from Japan this year.

Rocball Rules March 27th, 2008

The sport of Rocball is played under a modified version of the side-out rules of play; not every serve is worth a point. And, a team must have the serve to win a set or game.

1. If the first serve of any player rotating into the service position is bad, the receiving team is awarded the serve and a point as a penalty for delay of game. A bad serve is a ball that touches the net off the serve, is not served within the boundaries of the receiving team’s court of play, a line fault etc.
A. If the serving team makes a first serve fault and has a zero score, then the receiving team will be awarded a point and the serve.

2. The receiving team has a two hit play off the serve. The receiving team only has two hits off a serve to send the ball back over the net to the service team.
A. Any situation where the receiving team cannot return the ball back over the net in two hits, the service team is awarded two points.

3. The service and receiving team have five hits to send a ball over the net. When a receiving team successfully returns a served ball back over the net to the service team in two hits, then each team has up to five hits of play to score points.
A. Either team can score off a served ball or during volley.

4. The person playing the goalie’s positions cannot step down within the ten foot area next to the net to play on the ball. The goalie is restricted to the backcourt area of play. However, when a goalie of either team scores from back court, his/her team is awarded two points. And, the goalie must wear a different color shirt.

5. Whenever a goal is scored, a team is awarded three points.
A. The goalie of each team is not allowed to catch a ball to prevent a goal from being scored.
B. Any player on either team can score a goal
C. If a player accidentally scores a goal against his/her own team, their opponents will receive three points and the next serve.

6. A team has to be at set point to win a game. If set point is 15, a team must have scored 14 or more points to win a set. A team cannot win a set from 13 or less points. For example, if a service team has 12 points and scores a goal, it earns 3 points and has scored a total of 15 points for the set. But, the set isn’t over and the service team needs to score one more time to win the set.
A. There is no two point margin of difference in scores required to win a set.

7. The Quarter/Set System of Play: Rocball games are four sets of play.

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