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Sheesh 12-03-2003 04:51 AM

helpful? or is this board run by hitler
I just want to say that I posted on here about a cool board I found and it was deleted as spam.


It was a cool site for people interested in getting training tips from ACTUAL NHL Player's ...

It's nice that you have a sports board that doesn't like it's members to find helpful things... or to give them the chance to talk to real hockey stars..

I thought it was cool, I thought other people would think it was cool too...


lmanchur. 12-03-2003 08:58 AM

For someone whose first post promotes another site, I would consider that SPAM.

Perhaps as you stick around a while and post topics in discussion threads and we get to know you, then I would have allowed that post. However, it was your first post and it was promoting another site. We have had probably hundreds of people come along and do that, and they usually never come back, because they come once to promote that site and that is it.

Let's compare your thread with others that have been deleted:

"Hey Everyone!!! This may be off the point from the issues. I want to share this to everyone and it's for the people to make the difference for the world. Please check out this site at.."

"If anyone is interested in getting great training advice from Adam Foote (Colorado Avalanche defensman) and his business partner Kevin Miehm (Ex-NHL Player) they have just added a training forum to their business site! Check it out sports fans!!! "

"Could wanted to inform everyone a good place for religious and political discussions at.... No sports is discussed there. I realize most people don't want to discuss religion and politics here. I can understand. It is a sports forum."

"This is gonna be a great league! Football and Baseball all in one! We're looking for 6 more active managers. Website is run through If you're interested either post here, IM me at .../ for YIM or visit .... and sign up. Baseball draft will start as soon as the league fills. 14 team Keeper league for both sports. Looking for a great season."

Which one is yours?? They all look the same to me.... same format, just different web site addresses in them.

When you are around the community longer and we know you aren't here to just promote a web site, we may allow such a post.

By browsing around the web site you mentioned, I happened to notice that you are the webmaster/administrator of it. In particular, promoting your own site is against the Community Guidelines you agreed to upon joining the Sports Central Message Boards... at which point, you also acknowledged the fact that we will delete threads in situations like this.

Marc 12-07-2003 09:08 PM

It doesn't matter how "helpful" you think a site is -- self-promotion is self-promotion, plain and simple. If you can't obide by our Guidelines, you are not welcome to post here. Thanks for the Hitler comparison, though. :rolleyes:

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