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RaviPachai18 09-16-2001 08:10 PM

Ryder Cup
In light of recent events they have decided to move the Ryder cup to September 2002. I can fully understand the reasoning behind this but I am still a little disappointed. I was very excited, as I'm sure many others were, about this years game but now we'll have to hold that excitementfor several more months.

I hope you guys have seen some form of normalcy return to your states.


Marc 09-16-2001 09:51 PM

Well, I don't know, why did they have to move it a whole year back? Don't follow it closeley, so go easy on me. I DO agree that they shouldn't have held it now, though, during a team when all other events were cancelled. This week, though, is a time to return to normalcy.

lmanchur. 09-17-2001 08:32 AM

Well, Marc... when else do you hold it???... You can't really move it to another point in the PGA season, even though, I think, this isn't a PGA-sponsored event, but still, it screws up everything.

Tiger Woods pulled out of the Ryder Cup earlier in the week, which, I think, was set to take place the weekend of September 28, as well as a tournament in France we was suspose to play in on the weekened of the 21st.... this was part of the cause for delaying the Ryder Cup. I mean, if the world's #1 player isn't going to be there.........................

DannySwafford 09-29-2001 11:04 PM

I can defentely see the reason to hold it back due to the cup being played on foreign soil and it being obvious the players are playing for America.

Still it would have been nice to see the emotion of the players out there playing for our country.

SC-Lee brough up a very good point about it interfeering with the PGA tour schedule.

RaviPachai18 10-03-2001 04:08 PM

Yeah I agree, it's a good time because you won't conflict with any other tournaments (not just PGA but European events too). It's towards the end of the season also so that the captains can make better decisions on who is to represent the country based on what kind of year they are having. But another year is a long time to wait...........oh well.


lmanchur. 10-03-2001 10:17 PM


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...wanted to comment on this 'cuz it sparked a story.

..after September 11 on NBC's Tonight Show w/Jay Leno, he was telling a few bad jokes in a row and the audience wasn't laughing... so he said, "well, hey!... gimmie a break!... I can't make fun of Bush anymore -- he's SMART now!!"

ha ha .... i laughed :lol:

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