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Tarkus 06-20-2005 10:44 PM

Edit: Answered a post with why weed wasn't about the Ricky Williams football issue. Time warped to a lounge thread about weed.....

Have taken my posts on the road...;)

TwinShadows 06-21-2005 10:17 AM

I am sorry you are blind, some call it programmed.

I will respect your wishes.

Take a second and read these 2 stories please.

Billy D 06-21-2005 10:42 AM

sorry, i couldn't find Ricky Williams anywhere in those articles. Is "Ed Rosenthal" his pseudonym?

TwinShadows 06-21-2005 10:48 AM


Originally posted by Billy D
sorry, i couldn't find Ricky Williams anywhere in those articles. Is "Ed Rosenthal" his pseudonym?
If you do not understand, just leave it alone.

This is running off topic and the last thing I want.

I can't wait to see Ricky in action again. I hope his heart is really in it, greatness once again.

TwinShadows 06-21-2005 11:54 AM


Originally posted by TwinShadows
I am sorry you are blind, some call it programmed.

What pill would you take Tarkus ;) :D

The Blue or Red pill

Tarkus 06-21-2005 10:12 PM

Edit: See 1st post...

doublee 06-21-2005 10:51 PM

I am with you Tarkus. Since when did the Dolphins start prescribing Marijuana to their players for aches and pains? The two stories cited here are about two people being charged and/or prosecuted for participating in the growth and distribution of medicinal marijuana. I fail to see how the recreational user Ricky Williams is a victim to the war on Marijuana when these stories are clearly advocating legalization for medicinal uses not recreational use

In a nutshell the other is an audio MP3 file about some chick who the US is trying to extradite from Canada because she used to work for, what was legal at the time by Cal. State Law, a facility that was licensed to grow medical marijuana. Basically she is facing 10 years to life for working at this facility that was deemed illegal by the federal government after the fact.

While I can see the point of campaigning for legalizing the use of marijuana for legitimate medical purposes, and yes these folks are being screwed over by the Feds deciding that their drug laws supercede any laws the individual states may deem worthy, I fail to see the connection between that and Ricky Williams quitting football to go smoke weed for six months. It is not as though Ricky came out and said he was smoking it to relieve pain and discomfort from playing football. He was smoking it because he liked how it made him feel. Basically, he was using it as a way to escape reality and everyday life.

KevinBeane 06-21-2005 11:01 PM

Twin, without even reading those articles, I can tell you that I probably feel the exact way you do (and I think the regulars here can attest to that). I can also tell you that Ricky Williams does not offend or disgust me, I admire (parts of) his attitude and his willingness to try to look at life and live it away from the cookie-cutter way you're supposed to.

That said, Ricky's predicament has nothing to do with marijuana. He was not an "at-will" employee of the Dolphins. He had a contract that he not only broke, but could not afford to mend (like Barry Sanders did). If he had left the Dolphins and paid them the balance of his contract, I would've taken my hat off to him. But he didn't. He essentially told us that his signature, and his word, don't mean much. He did this the WAY wrong way, and for that, he deserves much of the scorn that he gets...people who chalk it up to being high or having to do with marijuana, though, are misinformed and missing the point.

TwinShadows 06-22-2005 12:16 AM

Ok guys, I will try to give this my best shot.

Please be understanding.


You are so right and as I said, "How he left the game was wrong IMO". He screwed his team and was selfish in every way. Ricky should have given the Dolphins the money back, but I am ignorant to why he didn't have too so at the moment I believe he was legally right but that doesn't mean he is morally right for it. As a person I guess he could be viewed negatively for what he did and all those comments probably are true about his character.

About Marijuana and I will only bring this up this time or if a topic is posted in the future where I can express my views on the subject. I say this now because I want everyone to understand that I am in no way trying to push my views on anyone here, I am here for sports talk. Excuse me Tarkus, others have inquired.

Ricky suffers from Anxiety, "" and maybe mental health issues but I know for a fact he has Anxiety. I myself suffer from Anxiety and use Marijuana as a relief.
Congress determined that marijuana has no medical benefits but when did a politician become a doctor? The US Government will not even fund and has made it illegal to research Marijuana for any purpose including medical purposes. How do we know if Marijuana can help people who suffer from Anxiety? I know it helps me and millions of others but that is not a good enough reason for the government.

Medical Marijuana can treat so many health issues according to the doctors and citizens of 10 states and even many politicians agree and even help to get Medical Marijuana legalized. Congress should leave drugs to the doctors who spent years in college studying medicine and worry about making America better.

Now let’s say Ricky does not have any issues and just wants to smoke. We all know the government has double standards, how can we allow cigarettes / nicotine that is very addictive along with Alcohol that kills thousands each year but not 1 case of an OD from someone smoking Marijuana? I really do not want to go over all the facts but if you have ever took the time to educate yourself; Marijuana is probably the safest of the 3.

This war on Marijuana puts moms, dads, sons and daughters in prison and ruins lives, is this war really worth all that?

My point is, if you agree that this war on Marijuana is unjust whether for recreational or for medical reasons than you see why Ricky is a casualty. He quit because he pissed hot 3 times, if Marijuana was legal or even decriminalized, Ricky would have never quit for the reason he did. His character is something else.

I could go on and on with facts but that would take up to much of this forum so I was short with most of this post but hope you understand where I am coming from.

Maybe if the government would actually research Marijuana we could find out what medical benefits it has. How can they send us to prison for taking a medicine that helps us but doesn't bother to even research the plant but I damn sure can get my doctor to give me cocaine and Heroin..... Do you see my point?

Of course humans like the high Marijuana gives us, just like beer but it also is medication for many of us.

Tarkus 06-22-2005 12:36 AM


TwinShadows 06-22-2005 03:11 AM


Originally posted by Tarkus

Doing something illegal & getting caught, doesn't make you a war casualty when you point out after the fact that you disagree with the law.

"I can get my doctor to give me cocaine and Heroin".


Selective prosecution?

Maybe both reasons, being run into the ground and the Marijuana issue was the reason, I can agree with that but if it was only being ran into the ground, I think he would have stayed in the NFL, IMO.

Millions around the world think Marijuana and Medical Marijuana is being wrongfully attacked in the war on drugs and the government seems ignorant to knowing the medical benefits this plant has. We see the double standards the government has regarding the health and welfare of the people, “Cigerettes/Nicoteen and Alcohol” if they truly care? We are tired of our moms and dads, sons and daughters going to prison for years for using or growing medical marijuana. It's frustrating to have the main stream media turn a blind eye to the inhumanity the American Government is doing to its own people. Worst of all the government tells us for over a decade to get out and vote. "If you want something changed, vote" or "don't complain about America if you will not vote". America heard its government and responded, voter turn out has been in record numbers. It is in INSULT, a smack in the face when we unite as a country to change our laws to save the sick and suffering just to have Congress, "House" over ride or vote. Why did the Government ask us to come out and vote if our vote means nothing to them? I am insulted and everyone in America should be.

If politicians want to be our doctors, shouldn't we get free medical coverage? It seems to me that they know what I shouldn't take for my pain and suffering and offer that advice for free. I find it hard to believe that our government will allow Cocaine and Heroin to be prescribed to patients but will not fund research for the Marijuana plant. When 10 states and more are in the process to pass laws to allow Medical Marijuana the government still turns a blind eye to the sick and suffering who use this plant to relive the pain. Not only do they ignore them but the send them to prison for years.

Selective prosecution?

According to the federal government we do not know if Marijuana helps with Anxiety or any other medical condition. I and many others say it does but who are we to know our own bodies? Even when DOCTORS, “not to be confused with a POLITITION” prescribe Marijuana for Anxiety or to relieve our pain and suffering from a sever illness the government will still send us to prison and take our medication away.

If doctors in our state and community feel Medical Marijuana is safe for us to use and we respond well to the medication, why would our own government deny us of our medication? Just like with any other medication, if the drug is not working or given us bad side effects we stop taking it under a Doctors care. If you believe politicians are Doctors as well then maybe I have been going to the wrong office building when I needed my arm fixed, I should have went to Congress. The Supreme Court knew they were not Doctors and they passed it to the House where they thought it would also be fun to play Doctor but forgot to leave it in the bed room.

Do you know if Medical Marijuana helps Anxiety, Aids patients or people with Bi-polar? That is why we leave it up to the Doctors. Millions of people have been trying to tell Congress and the Bush Administration that Marijuana is saving lives and has many medical uses but they will not look up long enough to realize it. What it comes down to is if you do not have the millions to pay-off our government they will even let the sick and dieing suffer and the media is just as guilty not to be reporting about this injustice.

The government declared war on the wrong drug and innocent people are being locked up in prison well others are suffering and dieing. The war on Medical Marijuana is a war on the American people and families are being torn apart, sons watch mom and dad being taken off to prison for years just for taking their medication. Even some people who do not use Marijuana fail to see that this war involves them and their rights as Americans.

I have not heard one good reason why Marijuana should be illegal from the government. We can use vaporizers to take medical Marijuana and this allows us to safely take our medication with out all the toxins entering our body. Congress wonders, “What kind of message does it send our kids”? Kids are very smart and know from right or wrong, this isn’t a problem for the most part with heroin and cocaine being legal to prescribe patients. If the government would tell our youth the truth, they will listen and I am sure they are tired of being lied to. How do we know Marijuana is as bad as the government says when they won’t even study it to know? It must be the devil, or is that more propaganda?

Why should I trust my Doctor to make the right decisions about my health if the government doesn’t even trust Doctors opinions that Marijuana helps people who are sick and dieing?

Will you take the Blue or Red pill?

Maybe Marijuana doesn't help Anxiety and Ricky Williams is just smoking it up. It's still wrong about America’s double standards. How do we know Marijuana is as bad as the government says when they won’t even study it to know? It must be the devil, or is that more propaganda?


It's not chilly man, just being respectful errr.... you *****

Shawndo 06-22-2005 07:02 AM

Tarkus, would you like a poll added to this thread?

Twin, has Tarkus been leaving flaming bags of doggy doody on your porch? :lol:

blackdogsong 06-22-2005 08:23 AM

Marijuana should be legal. period. for whatever reason. it's a drug that has never killed anyone. America has some crazy double standards, as was mentioned before, and this is a perfect example.

TwinShadows 06-22-2005 09:31 AM


Originally posted by Shawndo
Tarkus, would you like a poll added to this thread?

Twin, has Tarkus been leaving flaming bags of doggy doody on your porch? :lol:

I don't know. I thought everything was cool.

Billy D 06-22-2005 09:57 AM

I disagree with the assertion that Ricky is a victim of the government's war on drugs. As far as i can tell, he's primarily a victim of the NFL's drug policy, which i believe is a just policy.

I'm leery of allowing marijuana for medical use because i fear abuse, but i'm not necessarily against the idea. For instance, everybody faces SOME anxiety-- I don't trust doctors to diagnose this accurately. But...

I believe marijuana should be legal. Blackdogsong is wrong about it never killing anyone-- see Marley, Bob, who died from cancer at 40. But it is not especially dangerous and the harsh penalties for use (and moreso for delivery) are way out of whack with its threat to society. The best arguments for outlawing marijuana are that it's a "stepping stone drug" and that it goes hand-in-hand with criminality, but I believe this is only true BECAUSE it is illegal-- the only "stepping stone" involved is the one involved in breaking the law. Make it legal and it loses much of its mystique and its criminal association. Anti-marijuana laws are irrational and unjust and should be overturned immediately.

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