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eman484 12-20-2006 12:08 AM

Pro Bowl: Biggest snub and most undeserving?
Biggest Snub:
For me, the biggest Pro Bowl snub had to be Tom Brady. First off his stats are better than Rivers, and second off he is the undisputed leader of his team. The Patriots would not be a playoff contender without Brady under center. As for Rivers, the Chargers are clearly LT's team and I think there is at least 10 QBs who could run that offense proficiently.
Tom Brady + No Pro Bowl = Bad Joke :finger:

Most Undeserving:
I say the most undeserving player in the Pro Bowl had to be John Lynch. I mean there is no doubt he is a good leader on the field and a solid veteran player, but this is clearly the biggest reputation pick of the year. I mean the guys has 48 tackles, no picks, no sacks -- While a guy like Safety Kerry Rhodes from the Jets boasts 71 tackles with 4 picks and 4 sacks. It's ridiculous. :bash:

Runners up:
Biggest Snub - Terrell Owens (hate to say it but it's true):thumbup:
Undeserving - Roy Williams (Dallas Safety) :thumbdown:

Lets hear everyone elses thoughts?

doublee 12-20-2006 12:33 AM

I am not buying Brady being a snubbed that much. On the whole his numbers really are not better than Rivers are. He has less than 100 more passing yards than Rivers does, his completion percentage is almost 2 points lower, he has thrown more interceptions, has a lower yards per attempt average, and has a lower QB rating. Leadership doesn't really factor into this. This is an All Star Game that is based more on stats than it is based on how valuable one is to his team.

boston_aloha 12-20-2006 09:03 AM

eman484 has some great points. However, I don't have a problem with Brady not going... eh, you could make the case about his numbers not far off from Rivers and seeing that he has ABSOLUTELY NO ONE to throw to, he is a leader and has lead them to another (hopefully :thumbup: ) AFC East champ., etc!! But Rivers should not be faulted for that. He's young, having a great season I say let 'em go to Hawaii. :rolleyes:

Most Underserving IMO is Tony Romo. I have a problem with these guys coming in half the year... in the NFC - he ranks 12th in completions. 11th in yards, and 8th in TD's. Yeah he's 5th in INT's and 1st in Rating but I don't know. I think with all the media hype, TO, the Bledsoe benching that they had to give it to him. Which I don't agree with. Just my opinion.

Biggest Snub: I'm gonna try to make a case for Brett Favre. (even though I disagreed with some of the habits I'm about to post) He ranks 4th in completions, 4th in Yards, and 8th in TD's. INT's are high (15) so he ranks 12th. His rating is also low (ranks 13th). But ok, his numbers are not bad and yeah (although I said don't fault Rivers above) we all know Favre has no one to throw to as well, and is playing on a horrible team right now. And again, (I said I don't agree with media hype) this may be Favre's last season so why not??? If the media wants a story, this would be a nice treat for all us fans. (Seriously, does anybody really dislike Brett Favre?)

eman484 12-20-2006 09:50 AM

Boston, good point on Romo. I don't think someone who has only played half a season deserves to be eligible for the Pro Bowl. In my opinion, Michael Vick should have gone over him. I know everyone says Vick is overrated and all. But I think while he may not be an elite passer, if you combine his passing with his running ability he is a huge playmaker.

Here are Vick's stats when his passing and rushing is combined:

3,274 yards 21 TDs and 11 INTs. Pretty good stuff if you want to talk his overall productivity. Not to mention he broke the record for rushing yards by a QB this year.

I don't think Vick is an overrated player. I think he just gets a bad rap because of his off games passing the ball. But when you take in to account his running ability, he can be an amazing talent. He just needs a better team around him if you ask me. A team like the one he led to the NFC title game.

boston_aloha 12-20-2006 09:54 AM

Yeah, I could of gone Vick too... but I just felt like making a case for Favre. I think Vick is overrated - but he's not a bad player like some make him out to be. It's just a different style IMO. Plus he has to live up to sooo much hype! Hence, he becomes overrated when he doesn't perform well. Any idea (off the top of your head) where Vick ranked in those stats?

As far as Romo, I agree - half a season is beat. I just think this is all media influence with Romo.

eman484 12-20-2006 10:00 AM

Romo was definitly Media Hype. Everybody was on his jock like nothing I have ever seen before. I mean don't get me wrong he has played well. But the media hype after his 5 tds on Thanksgiving was ridiculous. Not to mention four of those TD's were like 4-yard passes. I think the COwboys overall have gotten way too much media exposure. I cannot turn on ESPN or NFL Network without hearing a 20-minute spiel about the Cowboys. I can't imagine how it would be if they got to the Super Bowl. Oh my god, the freaking media hype around that game is absurd anyways, now they would just take it to a new level.

I remember last year when the Steelers were in it. By the end of the first week, I couldn't even read about it anymore. I was just like bring on the f******* game!!!!!!!!!!

eman484 12-20-2006 10:05 AM

Vick would have ranked 5th in yards and 4th in TDs in the NFC with those stats.

boston_aloha 12-20-2006 10:10 AM

Yeah, see Vick's numbers are good - you could make a case for him as well (as you did). Uhhh... I agree about the Cowboys - I'm sooo sick of it. I watch almost every game too. I good buddy of mine is from Texas so we always watch Cowboys and Pats games together. I root for them cuz he likes them but (funny) two day ago I told him no more... ha ha. I'm so sick of TO and would puke my guts out of he EVER gets a SB ring. Sorry to all the other players on the team but oh well. I don't wanna go into a TO rant, but you know what I mean. I'm so sick of Dallas (I already had a bad taste in my mouth after they dogged my boy Bledsoe anyway!! :D)

eman484 12-20-2006 10:15 AM

Yea, I got a buddy from Boston. He loves Bledsoe too. Why does everyone up there like Bledsoe so much? I have noticed a lot of New Englanders like Bledsoe even mroe than they like Brady. What's the word on that?

boston_aloha 12-20-2006 10:36 AM

I don't know about Bledsoe over Brady (although even after the 2001 season my brother still liked Bledsoe - I was immediatly sold on Brady). But Drew was just a class act all the way through that thing. After the 2001 season when he went to the Bills he wrote a letter to the New England fans (it was published in the Boston Globe) it was just a really nice letter from the heart, him thanking the fans for 9 great seasons and everything. Really, really classy IMO.

eman484 12-20-2006 10:41 AM

That's cool. That is a real classy thing to do. Especially with the type of athletes we have today, who have these incredibly inflated egos and are all about themselves. It sucks that the same thing happened to him again in Dallas. Hopefully, he can become a starter again somewhere.

boston_aloha 12-20-2006 10:47 AM

I know... He's not too far behind on the all time passing list. He may be around #7 now, but he really only needs a couple seasons I think to bump up to #4 or so... but then there's that huge gap to reach Favre and Marino. I really wish the guy well.

boston_aloha 12-20-2006 10:50 AM

Here it is:

1) Dan Marino 61,361
2) BRETT FAVRE 57,134
3) John Elway 51,475
4) Warren Moon 49,325
5) Fran Tarkenton 47,003
7) DREW BLEDSOE 44,311

If he didn't get benched this year I think he may of had a shot at Elway's (in a couple years)... but now he lost half a season and who knows how his ego is... if he wants to play anymore. I feel bad for the guy, really.

NY Jay 05 12-20-2006 06:39 PM

I gotta go with my man Kerry Rhodes on the Jets. He has had a better season than Lynch by far, but the Pro Bowl is pretty much a joke now anyway. It's pretty much all the most popular players getting voted in.

doublee 12-20-2006 07:27 PM

It is what happens when you let fans have a say in who plays in the game.

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