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#47 09-30-2002 08:49 PM

Heatley, it is funny that you would bring MJ up, I'm glad you did. You do know that he bullied teammates relentlessly in practices and publicly flogged his teammates for disappearing in big moments especially early in his career. In fact MJ was so relentless in his ripping of teammates, that Bill Cartwright physically threatened MJ in front of the entire team in the lockerroom. Telling him, if he shot his mouth off one more time that he would end MJ's career by breaking both his legs. Your picking out MJ has some type of role model in this subject was very bad choice.

As for Tiger 'shoving' fans and making excusues when he loses. First off, because he yells at fans is far different then shoving them, he's not a loser like Moss. Secondly, every golfer playing the game today has told fans to shut up or to stop taking pictures(pics that there not suppose to be taking at golf events lets not forget). Thirdly, he WON that tournament you are speaking of, so it is kind of hard to make excuses when you WIN a tourney. To me that is the best time to make a point about your displeasure with something. If you do it after you lose then you do look like your making excuses(Nolan Richardson syndrome). Tiger said something after winning a tournament.

It is no secret amongst the pros on tour, that they all consider the US crowds to be horrible as opposed to golf crowds in europe. Many of them have expressed this. But when Tiger says something about it, all of a sudden he his whining.

Tiger Woods has shown FAR more class in his career to this point, then MJ ever did at the same age. His not making Parnevik have to take that putt to end the Ryder cup was another point in Tiger's respect for the game and his opponents.

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