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Heathen 08-11-2003 04:56 PM

SC Premier Fantasy League
Come one, come all.... join the amazing SC Premier Fantasy League.

So you know nothing about soccer?? Who cares... I know nothing about baseball and I'm in that league.

So step right up, its on Yahoo so you know the price is right.

Click here to join

Group ID#: 20807
Password: sports

Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough!!!


Ross 08-11-2003 08:28 PM

Yeah ppl come join us. Just pick Ruud van Nistelrooy on your team and fill the rest with players that can fill the cap. lol

Alex 08-12-2003 10:13 AM

i'm in should be pretty easy to figure out which team is mine

Heathen 08-12-2003 10:32 AM

Nice.... welcome guys... c'mon everyone else... the season starts on Saturday...

You've got to be in it to win it!!


Pimpbot 08-12-2003 02:16 PM

Pimpbots Yiddos are in.

Come on you Spurs! :D

Heathen 08-12-2003 03:55 PM

:lol: Didm't know you were a Yid mate. Never mind... could be worse... could be the Arse!!!


Pimpbot 08-12-2003 03:59 PM

Thats true. I wont mention Sunderland for fear of hurting your feelings :D

Heathen 08-12-2003 04:17 PM

Thanks mate... we lost our 16th straight game on Staurday :(

Heathen 08-13-2003 10:18 AM

We now have 6 teams... not too shabby... still lots of room for some more.

Oh.. who's team is A Scouse....?? Didn't know we had a scouser here @ SC!!

Heathen 08-19-2003 10:13 AM

Seven teams.... great to see. The first week is done but its not too late to join.

So come on don't be shy.

Jamie L 08-19-2003 03:21 PM

After one week I place 2nd. I'm happy with that.

Heathen 08-19-2003 06:40 PM

Jamie... how come you're a Leeds fan?

Just wondering....

Pimpbot 08-20-2003 01:49 PM

Well I sucked in week 1 :lol: Glad this thing lasts until may.

Heathen 08-20-2003 03:20 PM

I agree... good to see the Brits sucking @ our own game.


Pimpbot 08-26-2003 01:29 PM

Week two was rather more enjoyable from a Yiddo standpoint :D

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