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Default Does anybody else but me miss 80's hockey?

Does anybody else miss the intensity and physical play of the 80's? With all the rule changes and european players its like the NHL thinks all we want is scoring and finesse. To me while hockey is still great it is missing the checking and fighting. The NHL wants scoring but in the 80's with all the toughness I do believe Gretzky,Lemieux and some of the greatest offensive players were doing just fine. Alot of the scoring records were set then. I use to love watching the Habs and Bruins play with guys like Nilan(awesome) and Kordic going up against Miller and Neely. This was one of just a ton of great rivalries that are now played by players who care more about the world championships then the Stanley cup. I use to love watching my Kings go up against the Flames and Oilers but now its against the Mighty Quacks with not nearly as much intensity. Is this just all my imagination?
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