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I think we let a lot slide. We let a lot of threads go astray. We allow for the trashing of what other people think to a great extent. Personal attacks are verboden and will remain that way.

I honestly HATE the kind of exchanges you're referring to, Ellis. I prefer to have mostly respectful discussions with folks, and prefer to read such exchanges, as well. I'm not particularly into the insults that follow in unmoderated discussions.

So, I would have to disagree with you.

T13 dragged every thread he was involved in into a morasse of garbage. He was a character we have done well without. He brought nothing to discussions, and wouldn't just go away when ignored. His style was a blight on the boards, imo. Which is why anyone coming along sounding/looking like him usually disappears of their own accord in short order. This just isn't the place for posters of that nature.


Perhaps you should just go away. It's pretty clear you're not happy here anymore. There's no need for you to hang around if you're unhappy. There's no membership fee you'd be squandering, no marriage vow you'd be violating, no hearts you'd be breaking.

If you want to hang around, be a good citizen of the community, then great. We would love that.

If you would like to have your account closed, as Lee offered, then great. We would love that.

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