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Originally Posted by Anthony
I've already got next year's best Super Bowl commercial "spolied" so to speak:

It will be a Chunky Soup commercial which will start with Leonard Nimoy wearing a midnight-green toga, strumming a harp and singing the "Bitter Dregs" song from the Star Trek episode Plato's Stepchildren. After he finishes, Wilma McNabb comes on the screen and says, "And now, let the revels begin" (also a line from that same Star Trek episode), whereupon her son Donovan - on crutches, still not fully recovered from his recent career-ending injury - and Todd Pinkston come out; then, after Harry Kalas does his thing, the commercial ends with all except Pinkston eating Chunky Soup, Pinkston standing in front of a broken bowl of soup after he dropped it!
I am so sick of McNabb's mother... I wish she would go away! Loud, annoying woman in those darn commercials. Anyone see the SNL Tom Brady hosted? The final skit, Manning (Seth ??) & McNabb (Tracy Morgan) are giving Brady static because he got to host. Then McNabb's mom (played by the overweight guy) comes in all loud w/ her fur coat "uh-ah.. How come my baby ain't hosten the show?!!!" McNabb says "Mom, he did win the Superb--" Then she smacks him and says "Don't defend him stupid!!". It was pretty funny.
Anyways, hey Anthony - I take it you are a Trekkie from your post. Hope my signature didn't offend you.
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