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Yeah, Detroit is screwed if Big Ben bolts. He is the only real rebounder they have. Rasheed can do it but he is more of a perimiter player and I am not sure McDyess is physically capable of playing more than 25 minutes per game these days.

If Wallace goes to Chicago then Chandler is as good as gone.

I am not sure where Radmanovic helps the Lakers that much. As was pointed out during the draft the Lakers still need someone who is going to provide a presence under the basket. He just strikes me as something of an upgrade to Brian Cook. A Brian Cook with better range on his jumper if you will.

Replacing Radmanovic with Tim Thomas was a shrewd move by the Clips as was keeping Cassell around for Livingston to learn from.

Hornets overpaid to get Peja. Sixty mil over five is too much for a guy who always seems to disappear come playoff time be it by injury or poor play. I think Peja is a good fit for the Hornets as they need a third scorer to compliment Paul and David West since Desmond Mason flopped last year. This also means that J. R. Smith's days with the Hornets are numbered.

Atlanta continues to with second rate PGs signing Speedy Claxton to a deal.

Denver gives 60 mil to a guy who always seems to be injured, Nene, and has yet to live up to they hype he got when drafted. Goes to show how desparate NBA teams are for quality big men.
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